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04-01-2008, 05:42 AM
Pattern for Revolt
By Leonard E. Read

Leonard E. Read (September 26, 1898 - May 14, 1983) was the founder of the Foundation for Economic Education, which was the first modern libertarian think tank in the United States.

Here, in a collection of imagined political speeches, Read offers a vision of a true uncompromising classical liberal {in the Thomas Jefferson *oldschool sense} who has been nominated and then elected the president of the United States.

Sound familiar? ;) Interesting Read! :D

- Foreword (Just read first paragraph to not be vilified by the world Liberal used here - (the word was stolen - & is used by thieves this very day ;))
- The Political Setting pg 11
- Acceptance Speech pg 18
- First Campaign Speech pg 24
- Eighth Campaign Speech pg 33
- Election Eve Message pg 41
- Inaugural Message pg 42

So remarkably true, & good material for anyone else running campaigns out there!

Man, this is a gem! I skipped over the political setting mostly (assume it is today - it is) all those speechs are quality. Enjoy