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03-29-2008, 10:50 AM
The Gospel of the Media
The man's Ron Paul. The phrase: "He can't win" (recently tagged by the media). Every election, the people of America get the same results. The media indirectly votes for the president each year. In the news, candidates are either over publicized or torn apart. This beast (the media), and what it says, is taken as fact by many Americans. The world believes the media like it speaks the word of God. The ol' quote spells it right out:

"It is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that no one has heard before."
(Unkown Author)

And the word of the media, is becoming an unhealthy reality.

United We Stand
But still Ron Paul and his army stand strong. After internet "Money Bombs", we showed America were strong. When we raised Paul the most money, we showed America we were devoted. And Online we showed America we could spam. But past all of these facts. We showed America Ron Paul could compete. And in Nevada: McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, Guiliani, Clinton, Obama, and Edwards all received less votes than Ron Paul.

Where They Stand
The Media Beast acts in desperation for good reason. Ron Paul is solid on the issues. He votes consistently. It's no wonder why the media is scared. Their desperation has been showing. Examples are: False accusations of Ron Paul being in the KKK. Ron Paul cut out of a recent Fox Debate. And an under-publicized Nevada Caucus.

The Battle
But, the Road does not end here. The media beast has not yet been destroy. I say to you brothers, this is a battle between David and Goliath. A battle needing to be fought. The beast must be slain.

The so called "candidates who can win" have the media. But, We The People have Ron Paul.

Tuesday, April 22nd
(8-9pm eastern time)
The Ron Paul Revolution will be digging Ron Paul media, and other "liberty minded" media at Digg.com.

For one full hour, the people will recieve their dose from Dr. Ron Paul.

By digging Ron Paul media to the top we will reveal our message to the many. Front Page material is seen by thousands of people.

Join the revolution. You have nothing to lose.

Signing up for a digg account is free(click here to learn how) (http://diggbomb.blogspot.com/2008/03/how-to-register-at-diggcom.html).
A Ron Paul Digg Bomb is the best way to get fair media coverage in 2008.

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03-30-2008, 07:06 AM
Uh oh.

@ diggbomb.blogspot.com: "This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is open to authors only"

03-30-2008, 07:57 AM
Please do get on Digg and vote things up and down.. leave Paul out of the comments and descriptions (as soon as Diggers see "Paul" they tune out and vote down..) and instead just focus on promoting stories that further his message. Digg users who have been on there for more than 4 months are already pissed at Paul supporters for pushing all the Paul stories on Digg. Up until mid Feb Paul supporters "owned" Digg.. . now it's Obama supporters.