View Full Version : Idea to Kill the GOP once and for all

03-26-2008, 08:31 PM
How about we get together with conservative members of Congress (that would include some we don't necessarily like a whole lot), the Constitution and Libertarian Parties, radio talk show hosts (such as Michael Savage), and other prominent conservative voices to form a new party?

While Michael Savage and Tom Tancredo and others that would have to be invited being an essential element of the revolution is not exactly an easy pill to swallow, it must be done in order to have this country back in order (as an aside, I believe we could convince many of them they are wrong on some issues anyway). One guy switching to being a member of the conservative party in Congress with people from two minor parties meeting to form this party is not going to get us on the front pages of major newspapers, it will land us on page A20, right next to the story about a man who robbed a bank after showing his ID to the teller, if we made it in at all. Many conservatives are disenchanted by the nomination of Senator McCain, and it need only a spark to get them rejecting Senator McCain, the Bush Administration, and the GOP as a whole. When that spark happens, many conservatives will realize where they came from and see what has been done to this country, that they will begin to realize that we should just come home and shrink our government, and live happily ever after. Many conservatives, I believe, are sill fooled into thinking that the measures such as the Patriot Act are merely temporary things that will pass when the "War on Terror" is over.

I think that the GOP's house is one of cards, and need only a little bow from the inside to see it all tumble down, and it must come from within.