View Full Version : MSM leaves me in a quandry

03-25-2008, 10:52 PM
I'm in a quandry. I still want to write in Ron Paul in November, if we have an election. Yet, I have this also bitter sense of voting "for the most evil", just so we can speed the process of killing our cancer(s).

Let me explain. Its kind of like when the "golfer", Rush, urged Texans and Ohioans to go out and vote for Hillary to cause turmoil in the Dem party.

My question is, since it seems that people want the same old BS, to go ahead and vote for the most worst possible candidate of the MSM lot?

I know it sounds reckless, but in one sense, its like that little bratty child that won't listen to you and continues to play with matches. Well, let him burn himself to realize how stupid he was for not listening. This is what I'm tempted, I repeat, TEMPTED, to do. Do any of you feel that way, and if so, which candidate would possibly be the "best-worse" candidate of all of the MSM lot?

The way I see it, it can only get worse, and really, from what I hear, if we do hit a depression, the person in power, would not want to be in that spot, because he/she would be blamed for the whole mess.

I almost want to save Ron Paul from that burden. Also, the Congress would seem to just block his every move to do the "right thing".

Any thoughts?

I've recently seen the Jeremiah Wright video IN CONTEXT, and its not "as bad" as the Neocons proport it to be. My initial leaning is to vote for Obama. My reasons is that we know what Hitlery is capable of, and the mess she wants to put us in with healthcare that she's trying to jamb up our @ss for over 12 years now. McCaint doesn't know the difference between a Shia and Sunni, and will bring us to WWIV.

Obama, seems dangerous, but to me, it would seem he would want to get reelected, while the other two old bats want to just ram their agendas through as they've been watering in the mouth for 8 years now.

They're all a pack of wolves, but Obama seems to be the least power-mad of the bunch.

Any thoughts?

What's scarier is that I heard that if the Dems don't get their s*it together, Al Gorleone may step in the ring and that would be the worse of all scenarios.

To me, at least Obama has pipe dreams of getting rid of nuclear arms that it would be to him, as healthcare was to Hiltlery the first go-around....null and void.

But then, I get really scared of those bad thoughts and think about writing Ron Paul in again.

I'm in a bad dillema.:eek: