View Full Version : My idea for a new nation

03-24-2008, 11:15 PM
We know the Free State project won't work out because the states that are least populated are least populated for a reason, the cold weather and nonavailability of jobs. It's impractical and illogical to think a few thousand supporters could just pack up their livelihood and go on a mass exodus to an island where there is no infrastructure. Even if there was one, America would not allow their citizens to be tax exempt.

No one would think of anything ill if a business bought an island. What if a college was to buy their own islands? Libertarian schools attracts fellow beings of the same thought and there will already be schools. Because it will be schools that will be mainly there then people will not get island fever and get a desire to leave before the mission is accomplished. Development of this society would be gradual so it would not disturb nearby islands and nations. These schools would have to afford these islands on investment that there will be enough interested students who want to take classes in liberty on an island. Entrepreneurs can setup shop to make bank off of the college students.
Being geographically disconnected from everyone else would mean they might not even bother to check the island out, but if the parasites do follow there then that would mean the first generation will have to be taxed because even America was taxed by an authoritarian government before claiming independence. With a stable society, Americans may not even want to try and annex us. After this stabilization of self-reliance people will form a social contract resembling the Constitution.

Imagine a chain of islands bought for the Ludwig von Mises Institute or Austrian School of Economics or even our own school. A liberal arts schools would be a nice addition.

I'm not going to fantasize about society as all of the other micronations have started off doing that don't end up leaving a trace of work done, but I do have thoughts on the economy and justice system.

Sorry if there are any misunderstood or uncompleted thoughts because I wanted to type them down before I forgot them.