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03-24-2008, 05:54 AM

Ron Paul Supporters, Help Each Other

Like it or not, the Ron Paul Revolution continues! No matter how many delegates Sen. John McCain may have, Rep. Ron Paul will continue his presidential campaign all the way to the Republican National Convention in September.
by A.J. Antimony
You'd think such a confident message would ignite all of Ron Paul's supporters to become delegates and to help him in whatever way possible in his continuing campaign for president. For the most part, it has. The most recent big news comes out of the state of Missouri, where Paul supporters dominated the caucus process, electing "roughly a third" of the state's delegates to the state Republican convention. Supporters are getting involved in the process all over the country, especially in the northwest and Alaska.

Yet, there is still a sentiment out there that McCain is now the Republican nominee and Ron Paul should drop out and start a third party/independent run.

Maybe to some people this makes sense, but I just fail to see any logic in this. Maybe people forget (or don't even know) that Dr. Paul ran for president in 1988 as the Libertarian candidate. Yes, in 1988 Ron Paul was on the ballot in the general election. He received 430,000 votes. Congressman Paul didn't want to reproduce these results in 2008, so he tried something different. Even though the odds of him receiving its nomination were very slim, Dr. Paul decided to run for president as a Republican. With the primary season not even over, he has amassed 800,000 votes. These numbers, plus his unforgettable moments in the Republican debates, support the notion that the good doctor has been more successful running mainstream, rather than third party.

Furthermore, what never ceases to amaze me is that almost everybody, even some Ron Paul supporters, accepts that John McCain is now the Republican nominee. Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, the Republican nominee is named at the Republican National Convention. John McCain could have a million delegates right now and he still would NOT be the Republican nominee because it is not yet September. Most Ron Paul supporters are using this to their advantage and, like those in Missouri, are actively trying to become national delegates to join Dr. Paul at the convention in order to have a strong influence on the Republican Party.

With all of this effort to attend the Republican convention, it disturbs me to see anyone urging the good doctor to run third party or independent right now. It doesn't show any respect to Ron Paul, it doesn't show any respect to the majority of his supporters, and most importantly, it doesn't give him any credit for improving on his 1988 campaign.

These supporters should instead do the smart thing and continue supporting Dr. Paul's campaign for the Republican nomination. Yes, the odds are extremely against him, but you shouldn't care about the odds. You should care about what passionate Republicans could do on the convention floor. Personally, I'd find it hilarious if pro-war McCain was nominated by the Republican Party whose platform, determined by Ron Paul supporters, was centered on withdrawing troops from Iraq and hundreds of other US military bases around the world.

Therefore, because a Republican nominee is not actually determined until September, I urge all Ron Paul supporters to do the smart thing and work to help Dr. Paul's Republican presidential run. When the convention finally comes and Ron Paul walks out without the party's nomination then it would be the most appropriate time to talk about an independent run. But again, until that time comes, third party/independent talk is silly and quite disrespectful not only to Congressman Paul, but to his supporters as well. Put off this discussion until post-convention and help the Ron Paul Republicans, and the Revolution, continue.

Grassroots Makes a Masterpiece

With all of the creativity that has come from supporters of the Ron Paul campaign, the latest ad will blow you away ten times before you knew what hit you.

"The High Tide" consists of a magnificent 3D rendering of Dr. Paul using moments from his past speeches that capture emotion like nothing I have ever seen before. Talk about inspiration!

I advise everyone to check it out, comment, rate, favorite, whatever. Remember, people actually made this with their own time. With enough support, who knows, the mainstream media may curtly mention it in a 2AM broadcast!

Keep up the great work!