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03-14-2008, 01:34 AM
Hi there, I'm Crystal Broyles and most of you know I created the Ron
Paul Newspaper. Matter of fact, most of you donated to help with the
printing costs for either the Super Tuesday Edition or the Texas Edition
of the newspaper. When I created the Ron Paul Newspaper, I really had
no idea of the potential scope and power of a mainstream libertarian news
source and the impact it would have on our nation and the way the world
views us. Through the creation of the Ron Paul Newspaper, I feel destiny
has knocked on my door as I have been shown a new way, The Face of The
New Media.

These past months, the cloak of 'conservative' news has been pulled from
our eyes as we watched Fox News—among many—repeatedly deny Dr.
Paul and his supporters air time. Furthermore, when Fox News did cover
Dr. Ron Paul, it was only so they could portray him as a far right nut. People
have called for a boycott of the Fox News network and its sponsors; we
have had enough. But where does that leave us? We were Fox News
watchers because we knew the other media outlets were leftist,
propaganda generating, liberal networks. Where do we now turn for news?

Why are we looking to turn? Instead of looking beyond, why not look
within? The Ron Paul Revolution has not only started a grassroots revolt,
it has networked a multitude of like-minded, brilliant and creative individuals.

Soon after the formation of the Ron Paul Newspaper, it became apparent
to me this was not going to be a one-time print run for Super Tuesday.
Almost daily, I receive emails from people all over the United States (and
even world), asking me to not stop. People are enthralled and want me to
not only keep printing but further develop the newspaper. Writers contact
me. Editors contact me. Designers contact me. Web developers contact
me. Talented people from our own movement have come to me wanting to
know how they can be involved.

Launching a new media is a massive undertaking; one which can be led
in various directions. However, I have received many suggestions and done
a lot of research into current media trends and now have a clear vision for
a Liberty based media. To give us a supercharged revolt of a birth, we
undeniably need your sponsorships.

With funding we can create and launch an online newspaper/blog/media
outlet with Pod Casts, videos and even online syndicated radio. However
we need funding to:
A) Develop the online interface by which this media outlet will function.
B) Secure top notch, liberty-minded journalists/writers.
C) Build a small, yet highly capable team of editors and marketers.

The printed Ron Paul Newspaper has been distributed to almost 200,000
people and we've only printed twice. Just think of what we can accomplish
if we are a fully syndicated online news outlet. I envision the creation of a
site similar to the Huffingtonpost.com and TheOnion.com, yet liberty centered.
If this sounds like the media you've been looking for, please do not hesitate --
contribute to this new initiative.

Also, FYI a website will be up in the next few day with more information about
this project. Please help with the ground level development as we are working
on business legal structure and back end web development.

Checks and money orders can be mailed to:
Crystal Broyles
The Creation of the New Media
608 Sue Ct.
Antioch, TN 37013

Or sent via PayPal.com to:

With Patriotic Excellence,
Crystal V Broyles

03-14-2008, 03:07 AM
I would like a source of national news that would actually report the news instead of ridiculous crap that isn't actually news. I just watched a news report about the economy. It was about how pets are getting abandoned because many pet owners are losing homes and can not keep the pets any more. I mean what the heck, they focus on pets instead of focusing on the reasons as to why people are losing freaking homes. This is getting freakin crazy.

People need to be informed about real news such as the role the federal reserve is playing in our economic decline. You know the economic decline that has been predicted by Ron Paul but marginalized over and over again by all the major news networks. If people only knew what was actually going on they might actually want to do something about it if given the chance.

They need to understand that we are spending ourselves into a grave and it does not matter if we spend money on war or social programs, we will be screwed either way.