View Full Version : Ferraro, Obama, Ron Paul and politics of race

03-13-2008, 02:24 AM
I am so sick of this politics of race. White guilt and political correctness is nauseating.

I agree with Ferraro. Rush Limbaugh also makes a point in the reverse for Hilary. She'd just be another candidate but because she is married to Bubba, she's "a Clinton".

Regardless, how do you guys see this? It seems that there is this pervading notion, unsaid of course, that "if you don't vote for Obama, you are a racist". So therefore, those with guilt, will vote for him...forcibly by Political correctness. Look at even how McCain is treading lightly, apologizing all the time?

This country needs a change from this racial BS. An Eliot Spitzer still has a chance to revive his career when all is forgotten. Adulterers are ok. Racists on the other hand, its all over. Don Imus. Kraemer, etc. I'm not justifying it, but once you're labeled a racist, its the deathknell of all things in this country. Even to the point we confuse religion with race. Such as those who oppose Islam. You're a "racist". Islam is not a race, its a religion, but whatever...its the unpardonable sin in America, and if you don't vote for Obama, then you've committed it.

Which brings me to the allegations of Ron Paul in those old newsletters. I find that interesting that just so happens to be the "dirt" they use against him, especially at a time that this has become an issue.

My question to you out there, is, have you been confronted as being racist at any time for supporting Ron Paul? How about having a yard sign or a sticker? Do people come up and debate you or say anything about this?

I for one think Ron Paul made this a dead issue when he explained what happened, but I find those who I try to bring on board the RP Revolution seem to always worry about this old issue.

Granted that the top 3 are CFR members, what about that? Was there already a "coronation" behind the scenes to put up Obama, and all this hoopla is just for show?

I just find it interesting because of the MSM blackout of RP and the only thing they can bring up is charges of "racism". I'm not really into a "conspiracy" theory, but it seems rather odd though, that one thinks, "maybe it is so". I'm just trying to find a rational explaination.

I heard that Obama's wife was CFR, not him, so is he really a "maverick" that is messing things up for Hillary? Can someone explain this to me? :confused: