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03-12-2008, 02:43 PM
Dr. Paul has told us that this revolution is not about him. He has said that he is winding down and acknowledges he is not going to be the republican nominee. WHAT THE HELL IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET THE SUPPORTERS TO STOP THE BS OF STEALTH PLANS, BROKERED CONVENTION, VIOLATION OF DELEGATE PLEDGES AND START WORKING ON PROJECTS THAT WE CAN WIN???

While politics at "local" levels is wonderful for the long term... this country is going down the toilet now....and the fastest way that we can get the government back on track is to work toward electing the right Congressman/Senators/House Representatives. God knows, with all of the talent and willingness to give that RP supporters have shown... in the next congressional election cycles we could REALLY make a difference. Instead people waste hours on these forums espousing the delusional idea that we can still win the White House via POTUS. Feeding into this delusion is detrimental to the grassroots that we NEED to keep the real campaign for truth, liberty, freedom alive!

Helll, we are all disappointed that Dr. Paul did not make a better showing in his Presidential run. But the truth is that Dr. Paul himself acknowledges that he is campaigning now for delegates to influence the party NOT WIN THE ELECTION.

It just makes me angry as hell to see the crackpot posts on here that I know for a fact have run off many supporters who are truly committed to the ideals and goals that Dr. Paul embraces. Yes, damnit, I am talking about the neverending posts on vote fraud, brokered conventions, conspiracy theories (right or wrong), libertariansim, and marches (thank God they have their own thread).

Personally I am counting on RP Ambassadors to help me stay connected. And I would love to see this forum shift from one of pandering to delusional supporters to one focusing getting US congressmen elected, educating the public, getting RP's message out to the public! Some individual posters have done a WONDERFUL job of starting this focus shift... just wish we could somehow keep those topics hot.

03-12-2008, 02:49 PM
Easy, Penners. Firstly, the runs you want to see are happening. Remember that any that aren't already underway will pretty much have to wait until 2010 anyway. I see threads about candidates for other offices all the time.

Secondly, these things may or may not work depending on how bad the economy gets, how much McCain embarasses himself and etc., but if we can turn such projects into positive publicity and keep Dr. Paul in the spotlight a little longer, that will be good for our other candidates now, in two years and beyond. We just have to be sure to keep the publicity positive.

We hear you loud and clear, and these things are indeed important. I don't think the projects you decry are detrimental, however. Remember that the average voter is asleep, and sleeping voters don't know much about much except the presidency (and don't know all that much about it either, but at least most can name him).

We have to get attention where the attention is. Then we can redirect it.

You're right, of course. These other things have their place in my opinion. Let it be, good soldier.