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03-11-2008, 11:52 PM
Tax Day '08
Take Your Post for Freedom!

Are We Serfs…or Are We Free?

On April 15th, 2008 Americans across the country will be taking action to support the Constitutional principles upon which our nation was founded. There will be various citizen actions--a protest in Washington D.C. as well as local gatherings--of patriotic Americans who understand that our country is seriously imperiled by its own leaders and government.
In the days of feudal serfdom all land belonged to the King. The Serfs who worked the land had to give half of the fruits of their labor to the King (or other Nobility) or they would be forced off the land, imprisoned or executed. It was brutal and unjust and eventually that system was overthrown and replaced with something better...Free Enterprise.

Yet today, Americans are forced to hand over to government some 50% of the fruits of their labor in various forms of taxation!

We are told that this is for our own good, since of course Government uses the the money raised by taxation for the benefit of society.

Yeah, right.

We all know that Government on every level uses the fruits of the citizen's labor to line the pockets of the insiders of an elite system of control every bit as tyrannical as the reign of King George II. We fought the American Revolution over far less abuse than the citizens of this country tolerate today!

Our country is falling apart economically and socially. We are fighting a war that is bankrupting the nation financially and morally--and we are told that it will never end!

The time has come to take your post for Freedom!

Post Yourself!

We're calling on you to TAKE YOUR POST FOR FREEDOM and against the tyranny of Government taxation by choosing a local Post Office and making it your "Freedom Education Zone".

Take the day off from work and refuse to be a Tax Serf on the very day that most are worrying about satisfying the demands of the Rulers.

We'll provide "Tax Freedom" materials such as flyers, brochures and DVD's for you to distribute to citizens as they rush to pay the fruits of their labor to the neo-feudal Lords in Washington DC. We need you to wake them up to the reality of the near slavery we work under and of the urgent need to return our country to a true Free Enterprise system where individuals decide how their earnings are best spent, not Big Government.

You are guaranteed to meet new, like-minded people and turn them on to the Freedom Movement and even get them to join up and help!

Here's the plan:

1. Go to the USPS web site, enter your zip code and select the Post Office where you will "Post Yourself" on April 15th

2. Click here and enter your information, including where you will "Post Yourself"

3. Be a coordinator in your city (it's easy and we'll help you) to make sure that as many post offices as possible have someone "posted".

4. Contribute for Tax Day Materials and Supplies


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You can contact us by telephone at 323-939-PAUL or email info@ronpaulgrassroots.org