View Full Version : A high impact one-minute ad for Ron Paul

03-11-2008, 10:06 PM
Okay, let's produce an ad that may torpedo McCain's campaign and perhaps even bring some of the undecided former supporters of Romney and Huckabee, etc. to the Ron Paul camp.

Here it is.

Note, (O.S) means off screen, (V.O.) means voice over.



Ron Paul speaks about ending the Iraq war, bringing our troops home from around the world, ending deficit spending, eliminating the IRS, government by the Constitution, a sound currency, no more preemptive wars.


Then the speech by McCain stating that there will be wars and more wars; troops in Iraq for 100 years.

Screen fades to black.

(to the tune of the Beach Boys song, Barbara Ann)

Bomb bomb bomb... bomb bomb Iran...


Bomb bomb bomb... bomb bomb a bomb Iran...

Screen bursts out with atomic blasts -- villages and cities destroyed, people dying by the millions, a magnitude of destruction not seen since Hiroshima.


Afghanistan... Pakistan...


Bomb Iran...

Scenes of Americans across the nation, families at the beach, camping, watching TV, a child's birthday party, all destroyed by atomic blasts.

You've got me shooting and a killing, fighting and a bombing bomb Iran
bomb bomb... (song fades out)

Footage of a hydrogen bomb's destruction.

Screen fades to black. Silence.

Planet Earth appears, as seen from outer space. No longer with blue oceans and lush greenery. It has become a red, smoking, cinder of a planet.


6.7 billion human beings perished on the third planet from the sun. Life and future generations are no more.

Please don't let this happen...

Ron Paul's photo appears on the screen.

Vote for Ron Paul. The president of integrity, responsibility, and peace.


Sound good?

Now the big question: who has the skill to produce this video? I'm seeing a lot of very good videos, so I have to believe you're out there.

When the video is complete and rendered for the web, we can distribute it to all of the video web sites. Also, if it can be done with broadcast quality footage we can make the DVD version available to private supporters who may want to run it as a commercial on television.

Your thoughts please?