View Full Version : preparing for.... the inevitable?

03-10-2008, 06:15 AM
i know that in texas, b/c i voted rep. in the primary i am not eligible to sign a petition to get non-party candidates on the ballot in nov.

though i could probably sign a petition, it wouldn't be a valid signature

source on that was somewhere over at votetexas.org (http://www.votetexas.org)

i was looking around and didn't see a thread or subforum related to each state's requirements and limitations on petitioning/signing for ballot access.

would it help us to begin planning for such a scenario in case things don't work out on the repub. end? what efforts should be made to disseminate that information as it compiles?

i don't really think meetup.com is the right answer.

any thoughts? did i miss something buried in another subforum?

what are the requirements in your state for ballot access?