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08-17-2007, 12:21 PM
Here's my LTE that made it to my local "online version" of the paper. Please post your letters here for all of us to view :)

Ron Paul knows Founders had it right

Former San Antonio resident and Texas Congressman Ron Paul came to visit our fair city recently. I was fortunate enough to hear him give a speech outside of the Alamo where he talked affectionately about his years in San Antonio. Here's what he had to say.

“It was an important time in my life because I was at an age where I was formulating many ideas and reading a lot and studying and, of course, was involved in a military activity, and that helped formulate some of my views. At least, I started thinking about why are we involved in so many of these things that don't go that well over there? So this is the reason why I have come around to the firm conviction that we ought to look to the Founders for our advice and the idea of a noninterventionist, mind-your-own-business foreign policy makes a lot of sense.”

As someone who spent a year in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I have to agree with him. We do not need to be over there, and Paul is the only Republican who has pledged to get us out.

If you want the war to end, even if you're a Democrat, vote for Paul in the Republican primaries. That way we'll be assured that both candidates in the general election support bringing our troops back home.