View Full Version : NPR's Linda Wertheimer Overlooks Paul in Wellesley Alumnae Magazine

03-08-2008, 02:28 PM
As an alum of Wellesley (yes, yes, I know), I get the alum mag every so often. Well, the new one arrived today, with the coverpage entitled " VOX POPULI: When Voters Speak, NPR's Linda Wertheimer '65 Listens."

It actually seemed promising ground for a mention of Paul, so I tore it open on the spot.

ZILCH. People, ZILCH. From what I had thought, there were Paul mentions often enough over NPR.
... and Zero in this article. Oh, yeah, Mittens, Ghoul, McWar, Huckle, Hitlerobama, Edwards, THompson all got face and name time of course.
Who was out? Paul, Kucinich, Gravel, Richardson.

THe article was basically a rehash of what we all knew: Americans know this country is fucked up, and are paying very close attention to the election. Oh, and Republicans are Unhappy with a capital U. The article actually does have a couple of interesting insights into how specific people saw the other candidates. But at periods while reading I almost wanted to tear out hair because some of the stuff Linda quoted people on for were things that Ron covered or exactly fit the bill on, and they apparently had never heard of him. Same old, same old.

Although it doesn't surprise me in the end, I'm kind of pissed off. I may even write in to the editor, and if I can find it, Linda's email. I guess I am not jaded enough yet because I still expected better things from my fellow students and alums, especially one who most definitely must have come across Paulites, as a high up in NPR.

If others are interested in a scan of the article let me know and, I may try and post the article for further perusal.