View Full Version : NPR Anounces - "Ron Paul may have quit"

03-07-2008, 09:53 AM
After relentlessly ignoring him since Super Tuesday and pretending that he had already quit the campaign, National Public Radio's Morning Edition finally mentioned Ron Paul today. They used his latest video, taking an audio clip out of context (and misinterpreting the rest of the video) to imply that Ron Paul would be ending his campaign. This should not have been a surprise. The withdrawal of Mike Huckabee placed them in the uncomfortable position of having to acknowledge that there was still an opponent to John McCain. Their strategy is to continue to ignore Ron Paul and by (incorrectly) calling the Republican primaries "uncontested". I am sure they feared (correctly) that Ron Paul would win a significant percentage of the "anyone-but-McCain" votes that had been going to Huckabee. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we could get a large percentage of the votes (or even win) a primary after they announced our demise? Many of the McCain voters (I won't call them supporters because most of them don't even like him that much) might not bother to come out now that he is the "only one running".

That is why we need to redouble our efforts in the remaining primary states!

And that is also why we need to hit the county/district/state conventions even harder! We need to be appealing to the former Romney and Huckabee delegates to join us in sending a message to the Republican National Committee that we (the champions of liberty) are still very much a force to be reckoned with.

The county convention speech I posted before is even more relevant after today's announcements.

"I am speaking in support of congressman Ron Paul for president. I support Ron Paul because I love this country, our country. I am afraid for the future of the GOP, but I am even more concerned about the course that our nation is taking. The liberal media and the pseudo-conservative journalists have told us that this race is over. But across this nation there are still hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters. Many of us are still donating money, knocking on doors and handing out pamphlets. We aren't doing this because we love an underdog. We are doing this because Ron Paul stands for something unique and very important to our nation. Ron Paul has truly given us "Hope for America".

Ron Paul promotes maximum individual freedom and limited federal government – exactly as our founders envisioned in the constitution. Like Mike Huckabee, Dr. Paul is a pro-life Christian who would like to phase out the income tax. Like Mitt Romney he is a real conservative, who believes in defending our borders against illegal immigration and terrorists, and realizes what our party’s leaders seem to have forgotten; that there is no such thing as a free lunch. He recognizes that we cannot continue to rob Peter to pay Paul, especially when Peter’s job has been sent overseas.

Unlike his remaining opponent for the nomination, he is a true patriot. He doesn’t just talk about being a straight shooter, he is a straight shooter. In ten terms as a Republican congressman from Texas, he has never voted for a tax increase or for an unbalanced budget. While Ron Paul has been the champion of fiscal responsibility, John McCain and his liberal friends in congress have been running up a 9 trillion dollar national debt.

John McCain likes to talk about supporting the troops, but who do the troops support? According to the government, the most donations by members of the armed forces go to Ron Paul, and by a huge margin. Ron Paul is a veteran who truly believes in a strong national defense; not wasting the precious lives and limbs of American soldiers acting as the global police force for the United Nations.

He predicted the current crash of our housing market and the devaluation of the dollar, and he is the only candidate who has a viable plan to get us out of this mess. One of the only times he had the opportunity to ask John McCain a direct question about the economy, he had John stammering and evading like a grade school child who hadn’t done his homework. Of course it wasn’t really a fair fight, Dr Paul has written more books about the economy and monetary policy than McCain has probably read.

In spite of the fact that John McCain has been a household name for years and had the endorsement of the Des Moines Register, he only gathered 13% in the Iowa caucus vote.
Maybe Iowa Republicans remembered the time when our own congressman, Steve King, co-sponsored an immigration bill that was popular not only with Republicans, but with 80% of the American public. With the help of Congressman Paul, it easily passed the House, but with only a slim Republican majority in the Senate, one man stood in its way, Senator John McCain. Siding with the Democrats, and against the American middle-class, he demanded amnesty for all illegal aliens. He not only killed the bill, he also killed the opportunity for the GOP to take leadership on what could have been an enormously popular and winning issue for years to come.

McCain wants to call that voting on “principle”. I have other words for it, and the kindest I can think of would be “turncoat”. Despite this, and the fact that he has often been the swing vote that pushed our country away from constitutional and conservative principles; we are supposed to link arms, hold our noses, and fall in line behind his leadership.

I believe that there is far more at stake here than winning in November. The GOP has the opportunity to welcome hundreds of thousands of active, enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters who could re-energize this party; or we can join the New York Times in ignoring, ridiculing, and rejecting them. We can reach out to the tens of millions of Independents and Democrats who would like to have a real alternative to the "tax and spend" liberals; or we can insist on business as usual and watch them turn away from our party to follow some smooth talking demagogue promising "change".

We need to send a message to America that the Republican Party still stands for something; that we still know right from wrong. We can support the man who has been a steadfast defender of the constitution and true conservative principles. Please join me in supporting Ron Paul."