View Full Version : GOP Platform Resolutions - open letter to campaign

03-06-2008, 05:13 PM
"I have received a copy of an email containing a letter from Drew Ivers suggesting that delegates submit platform resolutions at the county conventions.

I would like to request that the central campaign provide delegates with sample resolutions covering all of the unique "Ron Paul" issues. Mr. Ivers had a list of such issues but only gave a brief explanation that was not worded in a resolution form (e.g. "Close down expensive military bases all around the world"). For example:

'Whereas many of the delegates supporting Ron Paul at their county conventions are new to party conventions and

Whereas one of the current priorities for the campaign is to change the Republican state and national platforms to more closely reflect the values of the Ron Paul candidacy and

Whereas poorly worded, verbose, and/or ill-conceived platform proposals could actually turn out to be liabilities to the cause of liberty and reflect poorly on Ron Paul and

Whereas it is highly inefficient for each delegate or even each county's caucus of Ron Paul delegates to come up with a slate of carefully crafted resolutions separately,

Therefore be it resolved that -- the central presidential campaign should draft a set of model platform proposals and make those available for downloading and printing prior to the county conventions."


When I started writing platform resolutions it occurred to me that this is a tremendous waste of time. Why should we all be doing this individually? I would be more than happy to "steal" someone else's quality platform proposals.;)
I tried to do something similar with a model convention speech but it seems that such things soon get lost in the "noise" of the forum. Actually, this is the kind of stuff that should be filling the forum and might actually make the campaign more effective. But it would need to be made a sticky or even a forum section of its own.