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03-06-2008, 03:07 PM
Heres what we need to do and it has to be done from the grassroots level.

We need t.v. ads and radio ads , to shame McCain , and challenge him to a debate.
and , call him out.

I'm picturing a commercial like this ...

The mainstream media would like you to believe that McCain has a lock on the Republican nomination.

If you notice the delegate counts they show are projected counts not the real numbers.

We still have a chance to keep this "soft on immigration" , "anti free speech" , "anti second amendment" , "economic simpleton" out of the general election.

Ron Paul is still in the race , and can win it with a brokered convention , just as the underdog Lincoln did.

Ron Paul's grassroots supporters challenge John McCain to debate Ron Paul on national television , the topic of the debate will be , economics and the constitution.

What do ya say ya say McCain.
( fade to black with sounds of chicken clucking )

Please go to John McCain's website and ask him how he plans to be the president considering he is to scared to debate , and contact your local media.

( Fade into the video of McCain singing bomb Iran. )

( We give links to donate to put out more ads.)

We need to do it at the grassroots level so Ron can't be accused of going negative.

* reputable person to collect money - maybe the granny warriors

* money bomb it

* start airing A.S.A.P. in states with upcoming primaries

* start airing A.S.A.P. in states McCain lost

* we also need to take it national , the main stream media will have no choice but to cover it

It will reinvigorate Ron Paul supporters who have slipped back into apathy

03-06-2008, 03:11 PM
we also need to send messages to the dems online supporters for the dems we go to barracks peeps and say somethin about lets teach rush limaug a lesson and support these commecials that tear down mccain for hildawg supporters tell em it will help soften mccain up for her to finish off

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03-06-2008, 05:21 PM
The Republican National Convention met in mid-May, after the Democrats had been forced to adjourn their convention in Charleston. With the Democrats in disarray and with a sweep of the Northern states possible, the Republicans were confident going into their convention in Chicago. William H. Seward of New York was considered the front runner, followed by Abraham Lincoln of Illinois, Salmon P. Chase of Ohio, and Missouri's Edward Bates.

As the convention developed, however, it was revealed that Seward, Chase, and Bates had each alienated factions of the Republican Party. Delegates were concerned that Seward was too closely identified with the radical wing of the party, and his moves toward the center had alienated the radicals. Chase, a former Democrat, had alienated many of the former Whigs by his coalition with the Democrats in the late 1840s, had opposed tariffs demanded by Pennsylvania, and critically, had opposition from his own delegation from Ohio. Bates outlined his positions on extension of slavery into the territories and equal constitutional rights for all citizens, positions that alienated his supporters in the border states and southern conservatives. German-Americans in the party opposed Bates because of his past association with the Know-Nothings.

Since it was essential to carry the West, and because Lincoln had a national reputation from his debates and speeches as the most articulate moderate, he won the party's nomination on the third ballot on May 16, 1860.

Senator Hannibal Hamlin of Maine was nominated for vice president, defeating Cassius M. Clay of Missouri

The party platform clearly stated that slavery would not be allowed to spread any further, and it also promised that tariffs protecting industry would be imposed. The party promised a homestead law granting free farm land in the West to settlers. These provisions were highly unpopular in the South.

03-09-2008, 12:23 AM
No need to go negative.
Keep it simple.
Tell the American people that he is still in the race (no need to tell the sheep about a brokered convention and soft delegates, they probably would not understand) and oh, yeah, tell John that he will see him in St. Paul.