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03-06-2008, 03:03 AM
Its time to call for an end to the Presidential Campaign.

Ending the campaign now would free up the remaining contributions for a variety of uses. We need to spend our resources (time, energy and money) on other efforts to restore Constitution.

We should focus on viable candidates we can put in congress this term... then, groom other candidates and support them to win election in two years. We need to produce better materials, an easier to understand message, a targeted message to reach individual voters, educational materials for supporters & voters and a support mechanism for Constitutional Candidates (Ron Paul Republicans). We also need step-by-step, concise plans for taking over the GOP.

We need to call on Ron Paul to end the presidential bid and focus our efforts on winning via alternate means.


03-06-2008, 03:09 AM
What is the subtitle of this forum? So all you GOP lovers, stop giving up, and let's get the job done.

Starting tomorrow, I will be setting up booths with Ron Paul literature and also walking around gathering signatures at the local university, community colleges, stores, etc. Also, I can get scores of sigs at my work at the National Guard Armory. I can get scores from family and friends. I can get about 150 from the meetup groups.

If you want the PDF, PM me.

After I make a backup copy, I will be sending these to the campaign. I will post the images online with all personal info blacked out.

to zoom in on image go here, zoom is to top-right of image: http://picasaweb.google.com/croweswedding/RP/photo#5174444379180119778


Absolutely nothing will come from an indy run. You will only have a media blackout worse than it is now, and an even lower chance of winning the general election that now.

Why do you think that? What chance do we have of winning now? The same chance as Kucinich winning the Dem nomination: negative 10 percent.

Ross Perot only spent 64 million on his campaign--a little over 100 million in todays dollars. NOT BILLIONS. So anybody that says so is a fing idiot!--actually they are probably dishonest. And Ron Paul's grassroots is a hundred times more devoted and ready to sacrifice and fight. And the nay-sayers will say "We can't get on the ballots--it's impossible!" Oh, but Ross Perot could? Morons. And Ross Perot was in first place by 9 points (or 8--whatever it was) before he dropped out and said he was threatened (and he still got 19% of the vote--which is great--and Ron Paul is way more amazing than Perot, with way bigger support. And the conditions are similar--there was a recession in '92--now 70% of Americans polled think the economy is bad and likely to get worse, inflation is soaring and gas is still painfully expensive. And then you have the war. The Dems have the war, but they can't get the fiscal, immigration, gun, and school conservatives. The Republicans have what they have (i would argue, not much, with their current candidate, except they would be guaranteed 90% of the pro-war vote (so 30% maybe))--but 72% of Americans want the war to end.

the only reason Ron Paul wouldn't run indy is if he doesn't get overwhelming support for it. That is the only reason he ran in this race. If hundreds of thousands of people write him letters saying they want him to run, they will send money, and get signatures, and canvass, then he will do it. As one of those soldiers that has given to him and worked for his campaign, and knowing that so many of my buddies in Iraq and soon to go back want him to be President so bad, I feel like he will consider that and do it for us troops (and of course for everyone else)--but I mean, it has to mean something incredibly huge that the nation's troops want him as their commander in chief so badly! Please Mr. Paul, please run, please fight, and we will fight with you for a win...

If Ron Paul declared an indy run (after March 4th of course) then he could raise 25 million right off the bat. Everyone I know would give twice what they already have. We could get 200,000 precinct captains and get the 38 states back that are useless to us now in the Repub race because they've already voted, and have 7 months to canvass. Run a couple nationwide amazing infomercials.

Country over party. Remember what all the founders (the good ones) said about parties? Do you think they'd agree that Ron Paul should care more about offending the GOP than fighting for the Constitution, freedom, and government of the people?
* * *

We could have an entire forum, NOT A SUBFORUM OF G.C., devoted to "Independent/Third Party Run"... (I'm definitely for indy...but it doesn't matter for the Forum.)

Then we could give every state a ballot subforum. We could have 1 master "ballot" subforum for talk about meta-ballot issues, like legal challenges, places to find sources about ballot issues, etc.

There could be 1 main subforum for general discussion.

This poll is about numbers, not necessarily percentage. If a ton of us want one, that would be great to know.

March 4, 2008: Paul defeats Peden

March 5, 2008: Paul announces independent run

April 15, 2008: Paul sets new, single-day online fundraising record

June 1, 2008: Paul at 15% in multiple opinion polls

July 31, 2008: Paul, with double-digit support, accepts presidential debates invitation

September 1, 2008: McCain, Clinton and Paul in three-way tie in national polls

October 31, 2008: Race still neck-and-neck-and-neck

November 4, 2008: Paul wins

November 5, 2008: Paul resigns TX-14 U.S. House seat, Peden the favorite to win special election

January 20, 2009: Paul sworn in as 44th U.S. President

Well, you guys can go ahead and not give a crap about your country, but my brother and I are going to Iraq in August, so I actually give a crap, because I'd like Ron Paul to start bringing us home quickly in January, and then he could start sending us after al-Queda and Osama, etc. So, yeah, go ahead and call me "not a real RP supporter" or say that I "don't think he can win"--because I actually think it is incredibly important that he be our president, and I absolutely think he can win as an independent, and I care much, much more about ending the Iraq war, restoring freedom, and saving our economy than I do about the GOP. And how many Americans would love to start to take down the horrible two-party system? Most. (INCLUDING Ron Paul--the stupidest, most incredible thing that people use as an argument against an indy run, is that "Ron Paul has always been a Republican--he's the true Republican--he would lose credibility with the GOP (just forget that he has almost none now because 85% of Repubs are rabidly pro-war and most his primary votes came from new registrees)--blah, blah, blah--BUT they forget, Ron Paul hates the party system, just like the founders did. And what of his undying loyalty to the wonderful GOP? BS: he resigned from the GOP--and he's a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party.

03-06-2008, 03:09 AM
I'm not going to call on him to end anything. He can keep running as long as he likes. Him staying in the race even with little chance of getting the win still gives people a glimmer of hope.

03-06-2008, 03:10 AM

listen or read what Ron Paul thinks about your idea