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05-25-2007, 04:50 AM
Hi all,

I wanna post something I picked up from another forum because this fellow is well-spoken, and like Ron Paul, he's a M.D. also. I could not have made this case better -

Get Ron Paul Elected - beat the pavement contest

First, I must admit that win or lose, Ron Paul has been a spiritual shot in the arm for me. He singlehandedly has made me proud to be an American and has brought me back from the throes of apathy for anything political. And he has reminded me of my civic duty - to engage my friends, neighbors, coworkers and relatives in discussions about current events and government. And, it is my civic duty to help such an excellent and fine civil servant such as Ron Paul to be the next president of the United States.

I believe the single best way to win over a potential supporter to your candidate is by one-on-one conversation. Yes, it is time consuming and the most labor-intensive of politicking techniques. However, it is also the most time-honored and rewarding way to help the candidate of your choice. I have personally committing to talking to at least two new people per day about Ron Paul. My hope is that in time, the multiplier effect will kick in, and some of these contacts will join on with Ron and talk to others. This has the potential for geometric progression wherein in the future months, a critical mass of Ron Paul supporters could be formed, sufficient to where the MSM could no longer marginalize him.

For example, my day of work at the hospital was not as busy most - my patient work was manageable and I only had one hour meeting. In the morning, I called by corporation's billing company president, and amidst the conversation I brought up Ron Paul and the recent GOP debate. He hadn't heard of Ron (neither has anyone else I've spoken to so far!!!!!!). I urged him to learn about Ron Paul on his own. After a midday meeting, whilst discussing a clinical issue in the Cardiovascular OR with two of the perfusionists, I brought up Ron Paul - they were very receptive to his platform which I briefly summarized. In the afternoon, the Chief of Risk Management stopped by my office to drop off some documents. Amidst some friendly small talk, I brought up......Ron Paul (she was most interested!!) At 6:00 PM I rushed out of the hospital to a Medical Staff meeting/dinner. I could only stay for 30 minutes as I had to be at my son's awards ceremony at the High School by 7 PM. At the staff meeting, I brought up Ron Paul to the Chief of Surgery, an ENT, and the assistant to the COO. All were very intrigued by the fact that Ron Paul was a physician before he became a US Congressman. After a perfunctory lager and two little chicken cubes, I raced to the High School. On the way in, I ran into a fellow church goer and brought up Ron Paul. After the ceremony, I was able to work Ron Paul into the conversations with two of my son's teachers, and a neighbor.

So, in sum, on this Wednesday, May 23, I managed to inform ten people about Ron Paul. Hence, my proposal to each of you here, is for a contest, which I will call the "Beat the Pavement for Ron Paul Contest:" we will each endeavor to speak to as many people as is feasible about Ron Paul, keep a tally and report back here as to our progress. Obviously, we must rely on the honor system - I trust you. Email and other electronic contacts do not count (I assume many of you are sending periodic Emails about Ron Paul now). Telephone conversations are perfectly acceptable. I think it will be edifying and encouraging for us to share our progress and get feedback about whether people are receptive to Ron Paul's message.

When you run into someone who has heard of Ron Paul by word of mouth, that will be an indication that we are approaching critical mass of Ron Paul supporters.

And on the discussion forum where he posted it everyone is tracking their daily progress.