View Full Version : ReMax Realty and all realty companies should endorse Ron Paul

03-04-2008, 11:56 AM
The rain just kicked up so I've just come home from work. Watchin the boob-tube in the back ground. (Yes, I KNOW why it is called the boob-tube. I play it in the back ground while I'm on the web. I watch it as a reference, I like to know my enemy.)

ReMax Realty just had a commercial about a G.I. saying that he and his wife are picking out their new home over the internet, while he is in the war zone.
With the housing situation being what it is it seems every realty company should be for bringing our troops home. Seems they should be lobbying for Ron Paul.
Dr. Paul has been so right. Bringing these troops home and ending the foriegn policy spending may well be the only thing that may save us from recession and worse.