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03-02-2008, 09:44 PM
We now have 13 days to reach our goal and have the first ever Ron Paul Fight Night!

Many have said that we must FIGHT. Well... here's our chance.
Metaphorically speaking... of course.

Check out the site www.RingsideRevolution.co...

Donate what you can asap. We had a 9.11 and a 17.76 donation.
I thought that was funny. Of course, I wish that decimal point was a notch or two to the right. But none the less it is MUCH appreciated.

I have been working with RP4409, Marcel D. and Jim H to get this thing done.

This is 4409's video

And here is mine

My name is Anthony Dudick and I live in Eatontown, NJ. There is no big company with fancy titles. No he said she said. Just Ringside Revolution... which is ME. (and the other guys that helped out).

You can here my interview which is located via a link on the site.

There will be more videos soon. I am going to do my best to let everyone know that this opportunity is here. This is a Championship fight shown free on Showtime (over 18 million subscribers). If you average 2 to 3 viewers per household that is a possible market of 54 million Americans!

I believe this to be a wonderful opportunity to get ROn Paul's name out there. In the MMA world anyway. If they watch the sport... They are fans. We seek to make them OUR fans as well. The agent has been kind enough to hold the spot for us until March 15th. He has other companies in line to take it from us. But he likes the idea so much that he will do that much. Some may want it for free. But that won't happen... YET! Once the MMA fighters realize HOW MANY RP supporters could become their fans... they may very well start promoting RP at a discount or even free. Maybe.

Another supporter made a video promoting this thing without me even knowing it. Here it is http://www.youtube.com/wa...


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