View Full Version : Did Peden try to use Ron Paul supporters?

02-29-2008, 12:34 AM
I live in a Congressional District that has been dominated by the same Congresscritter for well over a decade. He handily wins reelection if he isn't unopposed. He raises funds and advertises well whereas his opponents are probably aren't even recognized by their own neighbors. If I were to go up against this Congressman, I would need a way to get bang for my buck on advertisement. Going on the offense against the Congressman would be great, especially if it would result in me getting him to counter my attacks and mention who I am.

However, most astute politicians don't fall into this trap. If your opponent has little recognition amongst the electorate, don't bring him up PERIOD. No name, no platform, nothing. What Peden did was he tried to get the Paul supporters to bring his name out where it really shouldn't even be mentioned. However, this failed to materialize into anything real because the nuts and bolts of a campaign are the door-to-door campaigning and local organization. Ron Paul supporters came from all over the nation to help him out in Iowa and encourage people to vote for Paul, but they weren't going to go to Texas and tell people to not vote for Peden. Why? Because merely mentioning him was more publicity than he was getting. It seems like its backfiring because Paul raised in a month what it would normally take him six months to a year to get in previous campaigns. Paul gets his name back out there and doesn't mention a bit about the fact that he has a primary challenger. Going to any debates with him only legitimizes him. If a local radio station wants to have Peden on by himself, more power to them. If Paul were to come on it could only hurt him no matter how well he debates.

I hope Peden is keeping his day job and still active in city politics next week. Word is he's proposing a 23% local sales tax.

02-29-2008, 03:52 AM
Peden tried to weasel his way into Congress. He was hoping that RP would blow off his congressional spot for the Prez spot.

Or he would cancel his Presidential campaign so that he could bring that money to campaign.

But neither has happened and the Prez race is on the back burner and we raised a million for the Congressional spot.

Peden has raised almost nothing when you rule out what he and his family have given.