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o god

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Here is a problem with what he is saying. He is assuming that all the tickets purchased, were used. I recall someone in the last couple of days who was in Iowa, say here that they were NOT all used. Condit really needs to have proof of what he is saying, before he goes on like this.

The voting machines need to go. But unsubstantiated rants like these, do not benefit the cause.

" Hear ye! Hear ye! The Ron Paul Campaign has confirmed to callers what was repeated at the event itself -- that the campaign bought and gave away 800 tickets. The "Adopt an Iowan group" (an independent effort) has published that they had collected $22,500 and purchased 643 tickets. (By the way, since the "Adopt and Iowan" page won't allow you to copy it, I have printed it out to preserve the documentation.)

So now we are being asked to believe that Ron Paul got less votes (1305) than the tickets purchased by the campaign and the "Adopt an Iowan" campaign (totally 1443) - and that NO ONE in Iowa came on their own to pay $35 and vote for Ron Paul !!!!!

The Ron Paul Campaign AND the Adopt an Iowan campaign kept track of who the tickets were given to (I hope). This is enough affidavits to prove that the announced Diebold "count" was wrong. - And we want to find as many other Iowa citizens as possible who paid $35 out of their own pocket to vote - so we can get their affidavits also.

This seems to be a smoking gun. This will be the greatest and most irrefutable proof ever that a Diebold computer was used to rig an election!"

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I dont care that people attack voting fraud, but plese PLEASE dont attach Ron Pauls name to this! We dont need any negativity around him...

Spirit of '76
08-15-2007, 07:38 PM
I thought this argument was over. :)

Ames is behind us, folks. Let's look to the future.

08-15-2007, 07:47 PM
If Diebold isnt exposed NOW while the votes dont actually count for anything....WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN THE PRIMARIES BEGIN????

Why are you people so eager to swallow the results AS TOLD TO YOU BY ROMNEY'S STOOGES???

Spirit of '76
08-15-2007, 08:00 PM
Because we want the Republican base to think of our candidate as electable.

08-15-2007, 08:25 PM
There are so many valid reasons to complain about automated machines, I wish Condit would figure out how to stick to the basics instead of going off into fallacy land. He's completely discrediting the people doing real work in this area and making it impossible for them to continue to be taken seriously. This is ridiculous. Of course not all the purchased and distributed tickets were used. Or do we believe that Romney is missing over half his votes too?

There's no doubt election fraud happens and the electronic voting methods make it 100 times easier. You won't change a damn thing about that by screaming at people and ranting for pages and tripping their conspiracy freak sensors to the red. It doesn't matter what the truth is, what matters is being able to do something about it. You do that one of two ways: talking to people rationally as long as they'll listen, and overthrowing them without asking when they won't. Screaming at them is neither.

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Here's a great response to voting fraud that I read on another web site (http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread.php?t=166237):

I was at the Straw Poll and I saw the people who attended. I saw the hundreds of Mitt Romney buses and the hundreds of golf carts that unloaded wave after wave of Mitt Romney supporters. I tried handing out information about Ron Paul to anyone who would take it, but I was continually ridiculed and insulted by the Romney Robots as they went past. I am a die-hard Ron Paul supporter, but I can conclusively state that Mitt Romney clearly and overwhelmingly won the Iowa Straw Poll.

So how do I explain the inconsistency in the "Vote in Sunshine" poll? It's really easy - Ron Paul supporters are used to being the underdog and being marginalized by the "mainstream" people and press. They would therefore be much more likely to respond to a request to participate in an exit poll to ensure that a fair vote is reported. On the other hand, Mitt Romney supporters were lead around all day by sheep herders - I'm not kidding! These sheep herders had big signs that said, "Follow Me". Several times I heard these sheep herders telling their flock, "Okay, we're coming up to the Ron Paul people that I told you about. Just ignore what they say and they will leave you alone." Now, understand that I never heard what was said on those 1-2 hour long bus rides to get to Ames, Iowa, but I could imagine that they were strongly encouraged to ignore everyone else's requests, to listen only to what Mitt Romney says, to stay in the Mitt Romney tent area, and then get back on their assigned bus and go home and await further instructions. This would cause Mitt Romney supporters to decline the request to participate in an exit poll. As a result I would expect significantly more Ron Paul supporters and significantly less Mitt Romney supporters to participate in an exit poll, which is exactly what happened!

To me the official results show exactly what I expected from being there and seeing the people and their responses to the speeches by the candidates. At lunchtime I told my spouse, "Romney 1st, Huckabee 2nd, and Ron Paul will finish in the middle of the pack." That's exactly what happened. There's was no vote fraud and it really hurt's Ron Paul's credibility when his supporters suggest so.

Let's just take this as the incredible finish that it was for Ron Paul: He got 9-10 times the vote that the "scientific" polls predicted; he beat the pants off McCain, Giuliani, and Fred Thompson; only Romney and Giuliani have more money in the bank than him; Huckabee did well because he inherited Pat Buchanan's Iowa political engine but he doesn't have that in New Hampshire or South Carolina; Huckabee, Brownback, and Tancredo went "all in" on the straw poll and are essentially broke now and are mortally wounded - they will divide any money from Christian Conservatives equally which is only enough to sustain one campaign; Tommy Thompson, Duncan Hunter, and John Cox either have already dropped out or will soon do so. That leaves Ron Paul, Romney, and Giuliani as the three contenders for the Republican nomination and I like that race! The only wildcard is if Huckabee can convince Brownback and Tancredo to leave now and allow him to court the Christian Conservatives alone. So I am very enthusiastic about Ron Paul's chances now! Quit whining about the vote and go do something positive to get Ron Paul elected!!!

08-15-2007, 08:42 PM
I thought this argument was over. :)

Ames is behind us, folks. Let's look to the future.


it looks like the Paul campaign wants nothing to do with any of this meaningless "voter fraud" BS

08-15-2007, 11:01 PM
Ron Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton interview on Alex Jones (Aug 15).
Discusses Iowa Straw Poll, Diebold machines, supporter numbers, Rudy and more.

"I think we're pretty comfortable with what went on [at the Straw Poll]."

"The scary thing, Alex, these Diebold machines, we really really need to examine these things over the long haul, because you're right, the transparency, the integrity of the voting process is bigger than Ron Paul, bigger than this election, it is just a huge issue."

Benton is on at the beginning of hour 3 of the show which is streaming at the following link:
click listen live on the left
(if you don't like RealPlayer, go to www.infowars.com)