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Ron Paul Roundup (02-27-08)
by RS Davis (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=194780914&blogID=361986672&Mytoken=0A871937-D662-4359-91AFE1694C5E685632180681)

Hello Freedomphiles! I'd like to start out with a plea (http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/019635.html) from Lew Rockwell about Ron Paul and his house seat:

Is Ron coasting to victory over his creepy neocon opponent for the Republican nomination in Texas's 14th district? Many people think that, and from their lips to God's ear.

But I'm a worrier, and I don't like some of things I'm hearing. So my advice to Ron Paulians is: assume he is going to lose unless you work and donate as much as you can. Help get the vote out. Walk your neighborhood. Put out a yard sign. Do everything and anything to help insure that the worst people in America do not beat our greatest champion.

Michael Amsterdam writes (http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272619094.shtml) on The National Ledger about Ron Paul and Ralph Nader:

Per a Monday announcement, Nader is back again with yet another run at the presidency, but the old man (he's older that both Ron Paul and John McCain) won't do much this time as it appears that only a few dusty hippies even care that he has announced.

Paul would have a lot more power than Nader politically, if he would use it correctly. I'm now wondering if he ever will.

I wonder what he means about using it correctly. I have to admit, I am chagrined to see him not running as a 3rd party. He could have backed out of the Republican race at home and nationally, and run for both positions as an independent. I don't think it would've hurt his chances at home, but it certainly would've helped him nationally.

The Snitch reports (http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2008/02/pirates_ron_paul_totally_stoke.php) that Ron Paul and Jack Sparrow are both totally stoked over the price of gold:

Arrrr, mateys, the price o' gold be climbin' ever higher! The Chronicle be reportin' day before this one that it be hittin' an all time high of $958.40 of your useless paper dollars! I actually had every intent of writing this entire post in pirate talk, but, arrrrr, I be findin' it difficult at this wee hour. "If you want a dismal view of the future, talk to a gold dealer," says Burton Blumert, who owned Camino Coin Company in Burlingame. In 2000, an ounce of gold was worth only $280, but the price of gold started climbing in 2001 and didn't stop. Basically, the higher the cost of gold gets, the closer the status of paper money comes to toilet paper.

Not surprisingly, Blumert is a close friend of libertarian presidential candidate, Ron Paul, and both think that the US would be better off using gold as a form of currency in lieu of paper money. The catch is that in order for gold to prevail, the current system has to crumble. "Many of my clients would like to be standing in the rubble of our society saying, 'I told you so,'" Blumert says. So, the bottom line is that our economy bites and if you know anyone who has invested a significant amount of money in gold, you should ask if you can share their pile of rubble after the revolution comes. If you have a sweet tooth, feel free to share my rubble pile where the gold coins are filled with delicious milk chocolate. Yarrrr.

Yeah, it's good to be right, but it can also suck ass, too. As a Libertarian, I've been warning people about all kinds of things for years, only to be ignored. Then the shit happens and people are like, "I never saw it coming!" Clean the wax out of your ears, Sparky, cause I told you that a dozen times! It's enough to make a dude feel like Cassandra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra).

Speaking of gods, top-diamond libertarian Jim Hines writes (http://www.nolanchart.com/article2920.html) on The Nolan Chart that he doesn't like Jesus' followers, but he still likes Ron Paul:

The followers of Jesus are why I will never identify myself as a Republican.

The followers of Jesus have joined the GOP in great numbers and their agenda is to bend the rule of law to the authority of Jesus, as they understand it, from their reading and interpretation of a book called the bible. A fringe political organization called the Constitution Party is even more militant in their calls for a bible-based government. In other words, for them, it is the bible first and then the constitution.

I watched Ron Paul's speech at Liberty College. This was a very important moment in this campaign for me because it could have been a deal breaker in terms of my vote and my vocal support for Mr. Paul. He passed my test. He did not pander to the Christians in the audience. He stated at the beginning of the speech that he is an adherent of the man called Jesus and I respect his honesty and his forthright commitment to his spirituality. It doesn't matter that I don't agree with that aspect of his life because I believe the right to worship, or not worship, is one of the most important rights we have, and because he is not using his religion as a bludgeon for any of his political positions. His stance against abortion is based on science ("LIFE begins at conception") and a specific statement in the United States Declaration of Independence ("LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"). I don't agree with him but again it's not a deal breaker because he is not using God or Jesus to make his determination. I do believe life begins at conception but I don't believe it is as black and white as all that. I don't believe it is a states rights issue. I don't believe it is an issue of the government at all. I don't like abortion. But the actual solutions to it can be found in Paul's other major positions, specifically the ones that promote peace and prosperity. A healthy, thriving, prosperous and peaceful world are the solutions to not only the abortion issue but also the immigration issue the education issue and so many more.

Ron Paul's political positions and philosophies stand on their own merit. They are supported by the Constitution of the United States of America.

It's simply been amazing to me to see over the course of this race how the message of peace, prosperity, and freedom resonates with so many different people - Christians, Muslims, athiests, punks, doctors, hip hop kids, metropolitans, rurals, black, white, wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude.

Daniel Brackins writes (http://www.hawaiireporter.com/story.aspx?46db6fe7-e709-41e8-b34f-082af94d9a44) in The Hawaii Reporter about Ron Paul's CPAC speech, and wow, it only took him nineteen days to write it:

If there was any doubt about the direction Ron Paul's presidential campaign is headed, at his speech to Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 7, he left no doubt as to where he stood.

The message Paul delivered to the large group of conservatives was one that left many former Romney supporters rallying behind Paul. With McCain's conservative values in question amongst many Republicans, Paul delivered a message of true conservatism that would make many Republicans hopeful for the future of America.

Following the many boos that McCain received, Paul attacked McCain's liberal leanings resulting in mass applause and cheers from the crowd. Being the last candidate to speak at the grand ballroom, Paul's speech was the most direct many have ever heard, and the message sent out from his campaign was that it would be a taste of things to come.

ConnieTalk writes (http://www.connietalk.com/barack_hillary_paul_022608.html) about Barack, Hillary, Ron and war:

Not long after the Pentagon's announcement that there will be about 8,000 more troops in Iraq by July 2008, presidential candidate Ron Paul sent out an e-mail update about his Killeen, Texas rally (a smaller scale than the Austin rally), in which he said:

"[There] were many active-duty soldiers...and their families. Whether it was the young man going back to Iraq for his fourth tour, or the sister of a soldier just killed there, they all wanted change in our foreign policy. Most heartbreaking was the young mother who asked for a signed copy of the Constitution for her son, 'who will never know his dad.' He too was just killed in Iraq.

"How can we ask one young American to die for a neocon empire? The soldiers and their families agree with us, which is why our campaign gets more financial support from active-duty and retired military than all the rest combined. They want to defend America, not be part of some globalist scheme to take away our country's independence."

This morning, a commercial played on the radio in NE Ohio, sponsored by Barack Obama's campaign. "Barack Obama was against this war from the beginning," a girl's voice opened the commercial.

He was?

You could have fooled me.

Then again, I've seen his voting record. And Hillary's. And they can try and lay claim to Paul's staunch opposition to the Iraq War, but Paul is the only one whose actions have backed up his words.

Indeed! Finally, The Burlington Free Press writes (http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080226/NEWS01/802260308/1009/NEWS05) of Ron Paul's boots on the ground in Vermont:

...if on-the-ground organization in the state was the sole factor in predicting success in the state's March 4 primary, Paul would be vying for victory with McCain.

Paul has people going door-to-door talking to voters, plus radio and newspaper ads running around the state -- all organized and funded by Paul supporters in Vermont without help from Paul's national campaign office.

McCain's operation, by comparison, has no staff working in Vermont and is being run from New Hampshire by Jim Barnett, a McCain aide and the former chairman of the Vermont Republican Party. Huckabee appears to have no presence in the state; his national office did not respond to a request for an interview Monday.

White, 36, said Paul's message of getting American troops out of Iraq and other countries around the world, as well as getting the federal government out of people's lives at home, strikes a chord with some Vermont voters.

"Ron Paul is basically a good, honest person," White said. "He's a doctor ... He's been in Congress for 20 years and he's never voted for an unbalanced budget or an increase in taxes."

See ya tomorrow!

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Larry Lee
02-28-2008, 12:33 AM
Thanks once again for a great job done.

02-28-2008, 04:10 AM
Barack Obama was aainst this War from the very start, but he did not have to vote. He opposed in a speechon the floor of the Illinois Senate and spoke at sever anti-war rallies. He was however, from a very safe district and his position was in no way dangerous to hime politically.

02-28-2008, 12:05 PM
But then why, would he vote to continually fund the war?