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02-26-2008, 12:44 PM
I saw that his first piece on Ron Paul was posted here, so I figured it would be a good idea to put his second one up, too. This guy really pisses me off. The trouble is, he's in one of my classes, and I kind of became friends with him before I new he was such a lefty (I'm a girl, and he's actually really, really hot). Should I call him on his shit?


Last week, I wrote an article about Ron Paul saying that he and his supporters represent a far-right movement that shows a bewildering disdain for history and has doubtful legitimacy when talking about notions of democracy. I said that the appearance of such a movement deserved a reaction. Naturally, I meant a political, social reaction. However, (according to some of the e-mails I received) I should perhaps make it clear that Paul's supporters should anticipate no threat from my 145 pounds.

I received so many e-mails! I read them all.

More than one associated me with Stalin, presumably based on our mutual support for public libraries. Another called me a member of the "establishment." A particularly disheartening one came from a "real life" on-the-fence voter, and guess what? My article convinced him to vote for Ron Paul. Was I ever sore! One guy told me, after four paragraphs, and with no sense of finding his letter ironic, that he's sorry but he works in the private sector where people actually have to be productive, so he'll leave me with my quotable Marx and socialist university job. Oops! Sending personal e-mails at work!

What I want people to notice is this: Though the focus of my article last week was Ron Paul, I've attacked his supporters' values repeatedly this semester without a single negative e-mail. Each week I've run an article condemning the market-based ethic they covet and boast. But it wasn't until I ran an article with Ron Paul's name in the title that anyone with such an ideology was stirred.

Perhaps next week I'll isolate a variable, placing Ron Paul's name in my title but writing the article about something else. If I'm right, I should get some pretty emotional responses regarding French-press vs. drip-brew coffee.

I've been unambiguous about my leftism, and any reader of my articles should have no confusion about my feelings toward privatizing essential public services. I believe that the private sector should stick to selling commodities and stop commodifying things that aren't. In spite of taking the opposite of Ron Paul's stance, I haven't received a single e-mail of criticism.

The reason, to me, is clear. Of the 25 e-mails I received, only two were from ASU addresses. The rest were from all over: a student in Georgia, a software company in Silicon Valley, an electronic market research firm, a drug development company and so on. My article must have shown up in the Ron Paul Google Alert. Ron Paul supporters apparently don't have alerts set up for "free market," "privatization," "North American Union" or other elements of the movement. The only concern is with the prophet.

This being the case, I suppose I have a few options. First, I can continue to attack Dr. No directly, shielding myself by adding to my spam filter. I'll probable get sick of that, though. I could also write articles that are explicitly pro-Ron Paul (to gain his supporters' approval) but criticize his values, in an elaborate practical joke that the rest of us will be in on. But I suppose I've just given that away.

Instead, I'll just go back to condemning the ideas only and aiming my remarks at that vast expanse which is above their heads yet below the radar.

My last paragraph is an apology. My article last week, and the letters posted in response the next day, provoked some frustration. One letter writer on Wednesday was angry that Ron Paul is getting more attention than candidates who actually have a shot at winning. To that reader and others, I have to apologize for the impulse I have which says that I must write down ironies and make them public. This is my final article for which that urge will not be suppressed, and I hope that Tuesday's letters are not monopolized by responses to it.

02-26-2008, 04:18 PM
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02-26-2008, 04:58 PM
I recommend you to discuss about former ASU student, Pat Tillman who left Pro Football team to fight in Iraq war but died in vain. It was in 2004, we were puzzled and later discovered that he was murdered by friendly shots. How sad..