View Full Version : We're about to split in two. Or into many pieces.

02-26-2008, 11:47 AM
Hi Folks! Future of the R3VOlUTION? I'll tell you the future.

We're going to hit the primaries like a river hits a rock. We're going to split two ways and go around it.

There's the "GOP faction" who will continue to get into the precinct/delegate structures and run for public office and then there will be the grassroots at large.

Growth in numbers.

Our numbers coming out of primaries and into elections will be reduced from our all time high. We've already lost a lot of our less indoctrinated, less committed people BUT many of these will return in the future. A lot of us are exhausted and need a breather. PLUS there's always a lag between getting the message out there and seeing the results. We got the message farther than ever before. We come out with a newly invigorated movement, swelled with fresh numbers and with veteran political experience.

Long term prospects.

Our long term prospects? Forget about it. We're looking good. We've got the attention and enthusiasm from young people, the economy is going to drive America right into our arms over the next 2 years (nobody else has a real explanation or solution) and this whole thing with us having more support from military people than anyone else? Expect that trend to grow. We even have a lot of supporters in law enforcement. We're not fringe anymore. The MSM still doesn't get it, has no idea how much credibility, how much of their hold they just lost. Meanwhile, we continue to build our own news reporting networks.

Our distributed movement is ideally prepared to suffer the loss of a "figure head" or our hero, Ron Paul. We have many leaders in the movement. We're a movement of leaders. We have our own communications networks set up and as long as there's email we can get any word out to the whole movement within a few hours with no central database or authority. At this point we're totally connected by our personal contact list networks. Our ability to respond and adapt to situations is unlike any other agency or institution because we are leaderless. At times I find it easiest to think of us as an organism that has just achieved self awareness after evolving out of blobs of muscle and nerve tissues.

Long term for the "GOP faction".

Prospects look very good for this faction but we took the GOP by surprise this time and they will mount a stiff backlash. Still, the GOP faction has established a foothold and if they can continue momentum they stand to take more ground. These folks and our cohorts in the LP, Constitution Party & etc. are our only hope for representational politics, and as such represent our best ultimate longterm strategy.

Long term for the grassroots.

To a great extent, many of our experts will continue in their expertise and pick up new support. People like Bev Harris, Katheryn Albrecht, Bob Schultz. These projects are utterly vital to the movement.

Many of the foundational organizations of the movement will gain new support such as Restore The Republic and We The People Congress. But new entities will spring up such as 4409 and the Hip-Hope movement. In the R3VOlUTION to date we have prototyped a number of skills such as mobilization, pressure (email floods, etc), boycotts and other meaningful forms of protest. We'll develop these new capabilities.

Right now the movement is looking towards it's first national mass-mobilization. It's a logical next step in my mind. I don't give a flying squirrel if the MSM ignores us or not. It's us standing up and looking at ourselves in the mirror. We're gonna like what we see. Nothing like a good dose of self confidence.

02-26-2008, 11:56 AM
So long as people hold true to the message and the principles and the goal of re-establishing the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, then the rEVOLution will continue and spread.

Spreading out into different directions is a positive thing.

Don't fall prey to the idea that power is good for it's own sake, it is only good when used to protect individual rights and liberties.

02-26-2008, 12:13 PM
How do we keep people working and organized in their states? We have many congressional candidates that are on the verge on failure because no one is donating or volunteering. These candidates cannot afford a breather. They need help now.

02-26-2008, 01:01 PM
We will re-assemble at the Convention!