View Full Version : Request Live Eyewitness Reports from the 14th District of Texas!!

02-25-2008, 09:30 PM
If you live in the 14th District of Texas could you share with the rest of us your eyewitness reports on what is happening?

Have you seen any TV/Cable TV advertising from either the Paul or Peden Campaigns?

Have you heard any radio ad's from either Campaign?

Have you read any newspaper or print advertising from the Paul or Peden Campaigns?

Have you received any campaign telephone calls?

Have you received any direct mailings?

Have you been canvassed by either campaign?

Who has more signs/billboards up throughout your neighborhood and the district?

Finally your bottomline assessment of the campaign with a week left before the March 4th Primary?

Thank you for your first hand and honest response. It help's all of us understand what is happening in this race.

02-25-2008, 10:42 PM
OK. Hope this helps....

TV/Cable ads:
Peden = 0
Ron Paul=at least 1 per morning (there are probably a lot more though--I don't watch much TV during the day. My mother says she has been seeing a lot of his ads)

Radio Ads: Peden = 0 Ron Paul = 0 (problem is, I don't listen to the radio much)

Newspaper ads: unknown

Signs/Billboards: Peden = 3 (smallish signs)
Ron Paul = 9 BIG ones! (no billboards in my area, tho)

Campaign Telephone Calls: Peden = 0 Ron Paul = 1

Direct Mailings: Peden = 0 Ron Paul = 0

Canvassing: Peden = 0 Ron Paul = 0 (I am in a somewhat remote location, though)

Overall Assessment: I live on the absolute outskirts of RP's congressional district, so to me, it's really great to see his signs around here. Of course, in Lake Jackson (which is almost 2 hours away) there are many, many signs. I called the # on the Congressional website to see if I could get some smaller signs to put out around here, but was told someone would call me back ...so, I'm not sure where that will go.....

PROBLEM....tomorrow, on Houston 740 KTRH (radio show) Michael Berry will be interviewing Ron Paul and also Peden, but it says on the website that Ron Paul HAS NOT CONFIRMED YET. (They are also accepting questions to ask them). I don't know what's going on with that. Here's the website: http://ktrh.com/pages/michaelberry.html

Sorry that I don't have more info than I gave you above....hope it gives you some idea of what's going on (from my limited perspective, anyway).

02-28-2008, 08:05 PM
I passed out congressional slimjims tonight at my early voting location in district 14.

Out of say 50ish people, I met 3 who were hardcore Ron Paul supporters who didn't mind telling me they were there to vote for him.

I met one man who was very negative. He said, "He hasnt done enough for this district, his legislation never passes, i have a sign for "that guy whos running against him" (didnt know his name even rofl),he's only polling 4%. Now I only had a minute, and I don't think I could persuade this guy since he was so sure that he and sean hannity were so right--so all I mentioned (as to not debate too much..) that he was polling over 70% for his congressional seat relection. He raised his eyebrows, didn't contradict me. Then I said, "I'm glad you came out to vote today Sir, even if we don't agree." I couldn't convince him, but he'll remember how nice and polite I was when his "whats his name" candidate loses. And maybe, maybe he decided to vote for the winner inside=)

I met several who didn't take my slim jims, but said "I know all about Ron Paul"--these comments were really hard to read. Did they know all about him and agree with him? Or did they know all about him from the media?

More than any other group were the "Oh, okay, thank you." crowd. But they mostly smiled at me on the way out.

I don't watch tv (at least, grownup tv=), but I did see a congressional ad on the first commercial after the end of the State of the Union address, which I thought was very well placed. Ive heard that there are lots of ads, tv and radio.

I have some congressional signs, so if you still want some, or would like to help place some at your pollingplace, please pm me.

02-29-2008, 05:34 AM
I Ive heard that there are lots of ads, tv and radio.

I've read that Paul is sending out a lot of direct mailers. The exact comments were something like: "not two days go by without something in my mailbox about reelection Ron Paul for congress."