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URGENT: Help Expose Chris Peden - Voter Fraud Planned for 14th District

Posted February 22nd, 2008 by cam.shane

Last night on the National Conference Call, people were saying they are attempting to steal Ron Paul's Congressional seat. We need everyone who is in Texas or can make it there by the March 4th primary to sign up at www.projectvotecount.com to join a Citizen Exit Polling group. Exit polls and affidavits can prove voter fraud so it is essentially everyone who can participates.

Equally important is the propaganda that Ron's opponent Chris Peden is spreading (http://chrispeden.org/com...). Chris claims Ron won't protect the unborn yet we all know the great doctor has delivered 4,000 babies, never performed an abortion and he introduced the Sanctity of Life Act.

Chris also suggests that Ron Paul will cause the next Great Depression because he votes against the CFR's "Managed Trade" agreements. Because Chris is supporting the CFR, he is helping the foreign companies steal millions of acres of Texas land by eminent domain in order to turn it into a 10-lane super corridor for Mexican truck drivers to deliver goods throughout the U.S. and into Canada.

Thus our group, Nation Builder, is e-mailing, auto dialing and otherwise contacting everyone in the 14th District that CHRIS PEDEN SUPPORTS THE TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR (www.keeptexasmoving.com).

Right now we can auto dial 1600 people a day for free. If there are Texas Meetup members in the 14th District that have databases of registered voters who can vote for Paul in the primary please e-mail us at info@nationbuilder.org. This is vital battle to win and we have less than 2-weeks.

If you can, please sign up at www.nationbuilder.org to volunteer. If you can't volunteer, try to make a donation so we can get our new office, keep making phone calls, writing letters, attending GOP events to educate current candidates and keep the REVOLUTION moving!



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Damn, can't this idiot Chris Peden just go away.

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um, this is serious...

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I long for the day when Peden and his ilk are tried for being the gd traitors they are to this country. Running for Congress? Politicians like him should be hanging from the public square for treason and if our fellow Americans weren't so f'ing oblivious to everything except American Idol this crap wouldn't be happening. This INFURIATES me.

02-27-2008, 01:36 AM
Nobody knows who Peden is...even negative phone calls give him name recognition don't they? Can't you just say "Ron Pauls opponent" and never even say his name?

We watched as the media attacked Ron Paul during this, and he kept going up in numbers regardless...he was gaining name recognition and people could therefore learn about him....it was the media BLACKOUT that followed that hurt more.