View Full Version : Freedom comes from within - not from without

Donna matrix
02-23-2008, 12:55 PM
In the beginning of this country certain unsavory folks tried to enslave the "Indian" population. They prefered death and died in their cages (cells). They would not - they could not - submit to their slaveholders.

If you are looking for Ron Paul to set you free... If you are looking for Ron Paul to guarantee your freedomes... If you think that electing a bunch of Ron Paul Republicans to Congress is going to "fix" everything...

Then you are already a slave.

I remember back in High School when the "femismist" movement was steaming ahead. I was confused by this movement. I didn't need any group to tell me I need to become free or give me my freedom as a woman. I already made up my own mind. I already did what I want to do.

I don't need anybody to give me my freedom because it was already buried deep down inside of me. Nothing on this earth can take it away from me. Sure, others can torture me... others can take away my property... others can kill my family and displace me... but they can never take my freedom... and one way or the other my freedom will express itself. It will probably be the "cause" of my death.

But what's better to - die free or grovel on your knees? I've already made up my mind. I've already acted on my decision. It's a done deal. Now, I just have to wait for my destiny to catch up with me.

I know how I'll die - it resonates inside me like a bell that keeps ringing. I will die with the word - freedom - on my lips and only those with freedom buried deep down inside will hear my cries.

This isn't about "them" - this is about "us."

An adult is a person who can make a decision - right, wrong, or indifferent - and then live with the consequences - - knowing full well that they can make other decisions as time goes on.

Are you an adult? Or do you need someone to come riding in on a white horse to "save" you?