View Full Version : Kucinich People!!! Ralph Nader Is About To Enter The Race!

02-23-2008, 09:39 AM

Most likely Dr. Ron Paul is going to win his primary, and yes, he
ALSO might give his consent to a third party run! I sincerely
doubt Rep. Kucinich is going to run as a third party candidate!

Right now KUCINICH is in one heck of a contest, he's being slammed hard
by a Democrat who is his challenger in the primary!!! as it stands,
if this OTHER democrat wins over him, the "newbie" then most likely faces
a CENTRIST republican, and the democrat could loose the november election...

or maybe not! To hear that the fellow who took on GM wants to run again,
and yes... all the people who were once intense NADER's RAIDER's are now older,
it still has him commanding an intense degree of respect from liberal democrats
and consumer advocates! IT MAKES THE POLITICs THREE-WAY! the last TEW times
around Kerry's people and Gore's people did not take their defeats all too well!

guess who got blamed! RALPH NADER! as in totally!!!!

Anyway! If Dr. Ron Paul now like becomes a November 3rd party
contender, i feel both he and Ralph Nader can put both the
two main parties on the spot... methinks the race becoming four~way
makes it more intense! more issue aspected! i am psyched!
i can divide my time right now between Ralph Nader and Dr. Ron Paul!

02-23-2008, 09:47 AM
i'm hoping ron paul + kucinich win their primary challenges!
if only because i feel their basic honesty got the powers that be
very angry at them! this race is not simply to be a slam-dunk
for either mccain or huckabee... or obama or clinton!!!