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Ron Paul Roundup (02-22-08)
by RS Davis (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=194780914&blogID=360486794&Mytoken=608C4158-B607-4E0A-B6D12E544A56E62458399788)

Hello Freedomphiles! I've been gone all week, and now I'm back. As Madmartigan said, "I feel better!" And yes, clearly I had a sick movie marathon this week, watching Willow, Old School, Thundercats, The New Guy, Office Space, Dodgeball, BASEketball, Anchorman, The Matrix, X-Men, Spiderman 1 & 2, more Thundercats, Scrooged, Ratatoullie, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, even more Thundercats...that part was kinda fun.

What wasn't fun - aside from the obvious thrills of coughing till your ears bleed and a nose which is simultaneously stuffy and runny - was coming back to days and days of stories to have to go through. Wow - how daunting. But I do it for you, dear Freedomphiles, so remember me on Secretary's Day.

So, lets start with the news about the campaign. The Los Angeles Times wrote (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/02/paul.html) about our man:

Wait, hold on! Don't toss those Ron Paul signs quite yet.

The 72-year-old, 10-term Republican congressman has just vowed to continue his current campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. There's been some confusion in recent days since Paul sounded like he was, in effect, withdrawing to refocus his political efforts on a well-funded House primary challenger in his home Texas district near Houston on March 4.


But Wednesday he struck a different note. "I will stay in as long as my supporters want me to," the Texas congressman promised CNN. "And I say as long as the number of volunteers continues to grow, and the money comes in, and there are primaries out there, and they want me to be involved, I am going to stay involved."


Also, guess what The Times' campaign finance guru Dan Morain just discovered tonight in records of the Federal Election Commission? Of all the Republican candidates left in the field at the end of January none other than Ron Paul had the most cash in hand -- some $6 million. And, like a true conservative, Paul reported not a penny in debt.


So far this quarter, Paul's website reports in excess of $6 million more in donations, which the candidate said he would use to drive what he called a movement. In the CNN interview he portrayed the movement of Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians disaffected with large government and foreign entanglements as unstoppable, although mathematically the 2008 nomination is beyond their reach.

Conservative Pulse confirms (http://www.conservativepulse.com/home/2008/02/21/ron-paul-pushes-forward-cash-in-hand/):

Longshot Republican Ron Paul is pushing forward with his Presidential campaign despite earlier indications that he was calling it quits to focus on a tough renomination fight for Congress.

Apparently, at the end of January, the Paul Presidential campaign had about $6 million in cash on hand. That's more than Huckabee, more than Romney, and even more than presumtive nominee John McCain.

So as long as the money and volunteers are there, Paul vows to keep up the fight: "I will stay in as long as my supporters want me to," the Texas congressman promised CNN. "And I say as long as the number of volunteers continues to grow, and the money comes in, and there are primaries out there, and they want me to be involved, I am going to stay involved."

How nice that they remembered to mention he is a longshot candidate. Otherwise, we might actually take him seriously, yes? Pajamas Media reports (http://pajamasmedia.com/2008/02/is_ron_paul_losing_for_congres.php) that Dr Paul's congressional seat may be in jeopardy:

Despite millions of dollars and devoted online support, Ron Paul's idiosyncratic campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy never caught fire. Now, polls show Dr. Paul falling behind relatively unknown challenger Chris Peden in his 14th Texas District endangering his congressional seat in the Texas primary...

...Some may call it poetic justice, others may call it unfair, but Ron Paul is in the fight of his political life, but it's not for the presidency. It's to stay in Congress from his own district.

While pursuing his thus far quixotic quest for the presidency, Congressman Paul has fallen behind by over ten points in the polls (43-32) in the fight for the Republican nomination in the Texas 14th to challenger Chris Peden, according to internal polls from both campaigns, which Pajamas Media was told were quite similar. Peden is a 43-year old CPA and city councilman from Friendswood, Texas. The primary takes place on March 4.

Take it with a grain of salt - everyone always thinks Ron Paul is going to lose that seat. I think they just can't imagine how anyone could vote pro-freedom. It's kind of like Tim Sylvia in the UFC. He's big and lumbering and slow - a sloppy, boring, and ugly fighter - so everyone always thinks he's gonna lose. But guess what? He wins. A lot.

Thomas Woods writes (http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/019503.html) about this opponent - Chris Peden - on LewRockwell.com:

"Until his recent revamp of the website, Peden's main campaign message (other than promising more federal handouts to NASA and farmers) was to paint Ron Paul as ineffective - basically 'yes, he's a decent guy but he's so far away from the mainstream that his legislation never gets enacted.' At the same time Peden was campaigning on his own 2-year record as a Friendswood, TX City Councilman, where his only newsworthy action from his entire term was to sponsor an ordinance declaring English the official language of Friendswood. Needless to say, Peden's 'English only' ordinance failed.

"You can't invent irony like that - blast the other guy as 'ineffective' since he doesn't get enough of his bills passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, all while touting your own failed proposal that couldn't even make it out of a suburban town council meeting."

Facing South is another publication talking (http://southernstudies.org/facingsouth/2008/02/who-supports-pauls-anti-war-candidacy.asp) about the "seemingly suprising" source of a lot of Ron Paul's money:

The top three contributors to the Republican presidential campaign of Texas Congressman Ron Paul are members of the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, according to an analysis of federal election data by OpenSecrets.org. A former Air Force officer with a libertarian-leaning philosophy, Paul has taken a strong stance against the U.S. war in Iraq and has called for all future wars to be formally declared by Congress.

"His message of a strong national defense, and only going to war with a declaration of war -- as mandated by the Constitution -- resonates with those who risk their lives to defend that Constitution," said Paul campaign chair Kent Snyder. An earlier analysis by Paul's campaign found that the candidate received 1,160 donations from people in the military -- nearly triple that of pro-war frontrunner Sen. John McCain and more than McCain, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee combined.

ConnieTalk reported (http://www.connietalk.com/ron_paul_takes_nevada_021708.html)of Ron Paul's victory in Nevada:

100% of the precincts have now reported. Ron Paul won at 14% of the vote (6,084); McCain was 2nd place at 13%; Huckabee at 8%. As of right now, the results page is stating "last updated" on January 19th at 7:00 pm; this must be a misprint, as the data reflected 97.8% of the vote being in yesterday (2/17/08), and then was updated before midnight to reflect 100%.

It must've been the whores (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21973236/). In the decidedly un-whore department, The Detroit Free Press is writing (http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080220/NEWS15/802200315/1008/news06) about Hotties for Ron Paul:

Iconoclast Republican Ron Paul attracts unconventional support for his presidential campaign, including a 2008 pinup calendar by Hotties for Ron Paul, an independent fund-raiser not affiliated with the campaign. The calendar features 12 scantily clad young women (no nudity). A Detroiter is February's "Featured Hottie." Krista Allee DiPaola is identified as a Detroit special education teacher.

Want one? Sorry, the Hotties4RonPaul Web site says the calendar is sold out.

It's a great group, and I've spoken to a few of them - most notably that uber-hottie Mona Guillen, aka The Ron Paul Girl. ConnieTalk wrote (http://www.connietalk.com/more_ron_paul_pinups_022108.html)about them, too:

"It was truly a labor of love," Juliet Annerino told ConnieTalk of her calendar project. "The calendars sold [came] out to 500. I'm not planning another printing at this time because I am so very busy with a few other projects. I will be working with some people on a new internet radio program, for one; I'm also working with Rick Williams and Trevor Lyman of Basic Media on a new freedom-oriented TV/Radio multimedia company.

"I suggest anyone interested in the future of the New American Revolution check it out at BreakTheMatrix.com!"

"Please feel free," Juliet added, "To give out my e-mail address here to people. I might just have a few calendars left."

So Ron Paul supporters, if you were bummed about the calendars being sold out, you can contact hotties4ronpaul@hotmail.com, and request your copy before they're really gone-gone-gone.

Definitely click the link on that one, because it has some full-sized images of the hotties. Man, Texas is goin crazy for Paul. Let's start with Fort Hood. NBC6 reports (http://www.kcentv.com/news/c-article.php?cid=1&nid=14947):

Dozens of supporters for long-shot Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul rallied near an entrance of Fort Hood Wednesday.

They held up signs near the intersection of Fort Hood Street and Rancier Avenue.

Supporters from across Texas including Weatherford, Fort Worth, Temple and Killeen held up signs that said, "We love the troops we hate the war."

They said Congressman Paul, who's from Lake Jackson, wants to pull troops out of Iraq because of both the cost and constitutionality of entering the war in the first place.

Among the supporters: Paul's son and former Fort Hood soldiers who served in Iraq.

Here's some video:


The Killeen Daily Herald also reported (http://www.kdhnews.com/news/story.aspx?s=23216):

About 70 people waved signs midday supporting Paul, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president. Congressman Paul, R-Texas, will speak during a rally at 11 a.m. Saturday at Vive Les Arts, 3401 S. W.S. Young Drive in Killeen. Doors open at 10:15 a.m.

"The word got out (about Wednesday's sign wave event) everywhere in Texas, and Ron Paul heard about it," said Vincent Campos, of Mineral Wells.

Campos said that led to Paul scheduling a visit to Killeen.

Campos served in the Army from 2004 to 2007 and was stationed at Fort Hood. He joined the Army to fight the war in Iraq and spent 2006 there.

"After going there ... my entire outlook on the war has completely changed," Campos said.

He said Paul is the best candidate to support the troops and bring them home.

"He has a plan," Campos said.

That's where we'll stop for today. See you tomorrow!


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