View Full Version : Timing is everything - the McCain scandal white wash.

02-21-2008, 10:51 AM
McCain's denials of an affair with a female lobbyist are all over the MSM. Google news is full of articles, not about the affair,but with his denials and messages of support from his wife and even his "only" opponent for candidacy, Mike Huckabee.
For example:

"Former Arkansas Mike Huckabee, still challenging McCain for the nomination, said today that he knows McCain to be "an honorable man." And L. Brent Bozell, head of a conservative media watchgroup called Media Research Center, called the newspaper's story "a politically motivated hit job."


But at least the MSM is publishing something negative about McCain, right?

Have you ever heard of fighting a forest fire by setting a backfire?
This is the same principle.

The timing of this news story was perfect, for McCain. Released before the Iowa caucuses, this same story could have crushed his resurgence. Released too late and people would not have enough time to forget it before the convention.

The rebuttal articles were out almost before news of the scandal. I just heard about the scandal this morning, but a Google search will find almost nothing but articles stating McCain's denials and rebuttals.

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody came up with incontrovertible "evidence" that the affair never existed or was manufactured by his political rivals.
He could end up with sympathy votes, for Heaven's sake.