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02-20-2008, 11:21 AM
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By Paul Greenberg
Monday, February 18, 2008

American history is so remarkably continuous, like American institutions, that sometimes itís scarcely necessary to consult the history books to find out what some past political cause was like. We need only observe a current one.

Consider Ron Paul. The man is this yearís perfect historical artifact. Heís running for president in 2008, but he could have stepped right out of 1888, or 1898, when populism was all the rage, literally. It was Mary Ellen Lease, one of the great populist fire-eaters of the time, who urged restive Kansas farmers to raise less corn and more hell.

The populist impulse remains strong in American politics. So long as there are uncertain times and people looking for simple answers to questions that are anything but simple, there will be Ron Pauls to channel our dissatisfactions and direct our anger and frustrations onto some nebulous villain, like The System.

02-20-2008, 12:05 PM

dude... the election
was in 1896

poor william jennings bryan
after his brilliant convention speech
had an election to slowly loose.

mckinley perhaps had the second
loudest and loftiest voice in that era
and was almost equally homespun.

mckinley even dabbled a lil' into free silver
and was thinking over the ratio happily.
he becomes more gold standard over time.

the discontent where people lost their farms
due to foreclosures fueled a rage in the economically
troubled times. not until herbert hoover did we
go through a time as unstable as the 1880s.

the populist movement as well as the grangers
and the progressives left their mark on pieces
of legislation. william jennings bryan may have
been the least bigoted democratic contender
since the civil war. bill mckinley saw the march
of the "jim crow" legislation thru the state legislatures
and perhaps felt helpless to prevent the same. he
is sworn in AFTER plessy verses ferguson and ironically
enough, as booker t. washington takes over the mantle
of leadership from frederick douglas, bryan makes
promices to the black community he perhaps meant to keep.

mckinley MAY have been handed 16 million dollars as a campaign
kitty, which he has his people spend on discount tickets to canton,
ads in the press of the day, pampletts, canes, hats, lunch pails
buttons and clever coins illustrating byran's inflationary ideas. many
of these relics are collectors items now. he seems not to have improved
the lives of his immediate next of kin from this LARGE campaign kitty.

william jennings bryan was said to be a sell-out by many populists.
some of them also debated if bill mckinley was ol' scratch in human form...

02-20-2008, 03:05 PM
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President William McKinley, assasinated in office.

Supported the gold standard.

Things that make you go hummmm.......

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posting this and "letting him know how you feel about it" are both complete wastes of time. i suggest you do neither next time.