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02-20-2008, 01:05 AM
Yes I am finally getting around now to answering the remark about the website.
I thought it was more important to get on the Internet Campaign Early and
get my feet wet. I have had some good Libertarians helping me with wording
and what they like and do not like. We have changed all the original photos and
we plan to update them from time to time. I feel good about our internet
campaign because if you search just on johnwieder, you get three pages
worth of links to something we have out there. Soon we will have the blog
in the format that we want and it will be out there too. We have already been
putting out signs of both campaign and vote Libertarian.

What would be nice if we would start getting some donations to our campaign
from some our libertarian members. Most all of the donations so far have came
from friends and family members. I sure would like to see an increase
in the donations.

All donations aside. We are taping a show on channel 13 Eye Witness news.
If anyone would like to come for moral support, you sure are invited. I resigned
the Republican Party at the State Convention in 2004 and was a staunch
Independent till I took the Libertarian Test and that was that.

I know that I did the right thing at the time with the resignation because we
in the middle of Houston and as I walked back to my car, I saw a dear
Church friend from my younger days that was taking care of some business
that day in Houston and we walked to our cars together. Talking the whole
time about why did I just resign? We prayed and then my friend said when
the place that you are suppose to be will be right there.

I was really hoping Mr Paul would run for congress again if he did not
get too far in the Republican nomination, but I wanted him to run as a
Libertarian. Enough people love him. He could have won that battle and
could have really brought the libertarians to a new high Plateau. Since
that did not happen, I am asking for any king of support. Moral support,
Prayer support, Internet Blog support.

We are planning 12 fundraisers this summer in 11 different State Rep
districts that are a part of TX22. And the final one in Harris County to
]include all of the Statewide candidates and our Presidental Team.

I have suffered because of some of the laws that have taken away our
civil rights and there is large chucks of people out there that need to
be lifted up. I do not think the Democratic orator that appears to be
winning would restore any of those rights, They are already talking
about tax increases already.

He, Yall are great, we appreciate you. I hope to meet all of you and anyone
that wants to offer their advice then please do so.

May God bless all of us. US

John Wieder.

PS I would appreciate that if you were going to do any Blogging that in
the header, please try to use the Terms TX22 TX-22, District 22. Or any
other combination. If you have a website, it would also be good that
if you would put a couple of more key tags. We are still not breaking
into the first page on that search. We are going to be out there canvasing
in 11 different State Rep Districts and they are all inbvited to help when
we are in your district.

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02-20-2008, 04:52 PM
Wrong place to post, try "Liberty Candidates", but it's okay. Glad your running! Good luck and God speed!

02-20-2008, 05:35 PM
Why is this in bad media reporting? At first, I thought you were the Libertarian that was running against Paul (which is DUMB!). Welcome to the liberty forest! :D

02-21-2008, 09:14 AM
thanks for the replies, I appreciate the direction. Johnwieder