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02-19-2008, 08:23 AM
Rough Totals From Yesterday:

$75,000 for the Presidential campaign.
$500,000 for the Congressional campaign.

Just wanted to note some things we can learn from the PresidentsDayMoneyBomb.com money "grenade" we had yesterday.

It's ALL about promotion, folks; The site (http://PresidentsDayMoneyBomb.com) itself was very lacking in looks, organization, and content - the site was an embarrassment to link to and have people pledge.

MySpace messaging is KEY to a successful money bomb:

Nov 5th, 70,000 (out of 70,000) MySpace messages sent: $4.3 million raised
Dec 16th, 90,000 (out of 90,000) MySpace messages sent: $6.03 million raised
Jan 21st, 12,000 (out of 115,000) MySpace messages sent: $1.85 million raised
Feb 1st, 6,000 (out of 125,000) MySpace messages sent: $1.04 million raised
Feb 18th, 500 (out of 130,000) MySpace messages sent: $75 thousand raised
We need to work in promoting things - it doesn't happen by itself. Also note note the number of NEW friends that have friended Dr. Paul each time - These NEW people deserve to feel the excitement of big money days as well - The number of NEW donors are always noteworthy following successful money bombs.

The Admins and Moderators here at RonPaulForums.com themselves fell on their faces by putting the wrong date in the forum title, and failing to rectify it after being notified.

People try to undermine our efforts by posting in these threads that "It's too soon " or "The campaign has enough money", etc... To these trolls: Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. This sub-forum was NOT the place to discuss whether or not to have the money bomb, it was about promoting it.

We need to work as a team, and it requires effort.

02-19-2008, 11:34 PM
I like your thoughts on this actually. I sent my myspace messages everytime since I got involved myself as well. I have 12k+ friends as well as a money bomb optimized site to help.

I do agree that if everyone just duplicated their efforts on the previous ones we could have raised even more money in the later one BUT there was not enough actual management done about the date/site actual media attention since the november and december money bombs.

Great stuff and if I could give you karma I would

+1 on a great way of looking at one aspect of what we could have done BETTER just by repeating a simple task as messaging. I think many assumed others were doing it as well as OTHERS donating. Too many assuming and not enough actual action.

Now on the next money bomb if it is set correctly as in a few months time, with real marketing done and everyone on board to where we dont BOMB til we hit XXXXXXXXXX amount of confirmed donations.

I have a great optimized site that I can redirect to any money bomb site as well as do optimization for the next site as well if needed.

great keywords I ranked for so I can redirect to the next money bombs and will be happy to optimize even more for the real money bomb site as well if needed.

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next money bomb - #2
ron paul mony bomb - #4 to #6 depending
next ron paul money bomb - #2
ron paul money bombs - #5

to show a few of them and I do still get a ton of traffic and would be happy to put it to great use.......