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08-14-2007, 10:31 AM
Hello everyone!

I have a writing project that I think should be addressed by those who have the ability to sling political terminology around without having to think about what the terms mean.

I have been going to www.oldamericancentury.com (http://www.oldamericancentury.com) and trying to get my point(s) across about Ron on a too simplistic level. My wiew is simply this: I have been praying for 33 years for someone to stand up and rage against the machine and I do not care where Ron stands on anything but the Constitution.

As a complete patriot (my own classification mind you) and a rabid Costitutionalist, my Constitutional rights have been trounced on for the 33 years I mentioned above. The ability for me to find a job and still hold to the laws I have the right to obey make me unemployable. If it were not for my son...

Simply returning this govt. and this country to acute Constitutional awareness will make worrying about all these other issues, which have become permanent for the reason of keeping our focus elsewhere, a non-issue. We have a man who cares not for the power of his office, but rather the servitude the office presents. He is well aware of the messes we as voters have allowed the govt. to create over the last 77 years. A Constitutionally reverent man will deliver us from the evil. Is it a reality to think that simplistic? Ron certainly cannot do any worse than the politics as usual for the last 77 years.

So, is that something you skilled forumers would like to undertake or not?? There are a lot of avenues out there for y'all. I have given up, because I am just not sophisticated enough. Every thread I start denegrates into the term slinging and when that happens, I am an unarmed man. I don't know a neofascist from a plantars wart!!:confused: FREEDOM!!