View Full Version : How To Restore The Republic - Tactics for meetups and coalitions.

02-18-2008, 12:22 PM
Hey everyone, I've written something for everyone in the revolution, all meetups, and anyone else out there working.

Many people have become discouraged due to the poor showings so far, and I've even seen many organizer spots now vacant in many meetups, leaving the fate of these meetups to the dustbin unless someone else steps up!!!

This is just unacceptable! People are throwing in the towel, when we've only just begun. . .(did I hear Karen Carpenter there somewhere?)

So, what I've done is created a template for everyone to use to continue this revolution, and restore the republic. It's basically a primer for anyone who needs some direction, and a reminder for those who have been around the block a few times. I've seen that all of us have learned a few things working with this campaign and it has been a wonderful experience for us all. We will never again have this chance to build such strong alliances and work together effectively to create change in this country - REAL change, not the kind that requires people fainting in the crowd. . .

So I invite you all to read and reread my "essay" and take it to heart. Every single suggestion in it is almost by itself enough to change the course of the country, but all the tactics combined create an unstoppable force of action so cohesive, so effective, that we really have a chance to do this thing!

We can save this country and fulfill the propaganda that was fed to us in grade school about WE THE PEOPLE being the government, and those in offices our servants.


Also, if those of you who DIGG, if you could DIGG this article that would be great. The greater the number of people that see it the better!!!

(Illinois is working on a project to organize the whole state. Hopefully the project will be finished soon and will show every state an easy way to organize an entire state while still allowing each and every group to remain independent and active!!! Stay tuned. . .)