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02-17-2008, 04:56 PM

An open letter to Ron Paul for the start of a third party.

Totally legit, I didn't ever seriously consider it until I read this:

Dear Ron Paul...Love, US
We Trusted You and You Gave Us Hope. Now Trust and Let Us Show You The Way Home.
by Anthony Cinelli

We, as Ron Paul Revolutionaries, have been reading lately about trusting your judgement regarding your decision to ultimately not run for President outside of the Republican party and I agree with your line of reasoning. The Republicans will indeed blame you for their inevitable defeat in November with an independent run. It is an ironic situation considering no one recognized your impact on the election, but would ultimately blame you for the outcome. However, after talking with fellow Revolutionaries, taking the current situation/year into consideration, I have come up with the following conclusions regarding a possible "third party" presidential victory:

1. You hint at fears that your political career would be destroyed if you leave the Republican party. This may be true in the Republican realm, but many others have sounded the bell for their dissatisfaction of the current party and also joked about creating a new third party. The Republican party has already left you, left all of us true conservatives, and I've been raised on the notion that you can't give good, give love where it cannot be received.

2. You are nearing your "golden" years and, unfortunately not getting any younger. With all due respect, there isn't too much time left in your political career. Your mentoring and leadership could mean the world to younger politicians who take all of your views and determination to heart, and would be honored, waiting and willing, to step into your shoes when the time comes to continue this Revolution for years to come.

3. It's possible that there just isn't a third party out there that would serve as a proper vehicle for you Ron Paul and our "Revolution", hence your reluctance to consider a third party. I would imagine any existing third party courting your Presidential run and your leadership would have a few hoops for you to jump through, and may possibly conflict with your complete platform. I completely agree with you, in that you should not have to waiver in the least in ANY of your platform positions for a Presidential run, and is the main reason we are all behind you...your unwavering values and beliefs and the conviction to stand behind them 100%

4. There has NEVER been such strength, such activism in ANY campaign for EITHER party. You, Sir, have hit on a nerve, and to delegate now to status quo would be a HUGE mistake. Already, our supporters are running around arguing at each other, confused, without any clear leadership or direction for the movement. We need you more than ever to step up, take full responsibility and credit for what you have started, and let us continue on this journey together.

5. There has NEVER been a greater opportunity for an "third party" presidential election in our history. 33% of Americans now identify themselves as independent voters, not to mention our disenfrancised voters that did not/could not vote in the primary but would vote in a regular election. You could at the very least triple your numbers in a Presidential run. Your primary numbers continue to skyrocket, as this Revolution is really starting to gain momentum. It's true that many of us just now truely got interested in the campaign, only to find that it was a little too late to make a difference in the primaries. But, we are ready now, just give us the next 8 months to show you what we can do together, and the next 8 years as the first 2-term "third-party" president in American history.

6. Regarding finances needed to get you on the ballot in each state...M in one day and that was just for a nomination. When you run for President, you will see that record broken, most likely doubled. With so many grassroots campaigns really hitting their stride now, learning valuable mistakes during this primary (more canvassing/calls, less signs), we are ready for a presidential election. It's only half time Dr. Paul , and the crowd is waiting for us to lead them to victory.

7. With such support from BOTH sides of the political spectrum, we could/should start a new party, to end all parties. I suggest calling the new party the "PROSERVATIVE" party, conservatives for the people. PRO Freedom, PRO Life, PRO Sound Currency, PRO Family...PROSERVATIVE. George Washington said the end of this country would be caused by political parties, and he was right. You should not think of this as a third-party run, but rather a true presidential run for the people, a party to end all parties, unified, standing in solidarity. It was Jesus that correctly instructed us to not pour new wine into old wineskins. Ron Paul, you have poured us all new wine, drank with us of our newfound freedom and of this revolution. The Republican party as it is now is an old wineskin, and cannot be repaired in time to save this country. It's time for a new wineskin Dr. Paul.

8. There may never be another opportunity like we have now. The country is headed toward a depression, and the dollar is being debased as we speak. Our jobs are moving overseas, and your current supporters, all of us, may not be able in a few years to give what we can give now. We can't wait for the situation to worsen, change from the inside out. This house of ours, our GOP, is rotted from the inside out, and can not be repaired in time to save this country. Our country is desperate for true leadership, NOW.

There won't be another shot at this, and although this is not exactly how we all saw things unfolding, most people did not expect a candidate like you Dr. Paul to stand up for all of us, give us a voice.

In closing, Dr. Paul, let us take care of you, and don't worry about your "Republican" future. This country needs you more than the Republican party, or any party needs you. Don't let party politics get in the way of seeing the only right way to move forward. With great power comes great responsibility. You may have not asked for all of this, and a little overwhelmed by it all, but God does not give us more than we can handle, and by our side through it all. Have faith in God, in yourself, and in us to see this thing through, sky's the limit, and take this Revolution, always first and foremost based in LOVE, to its ultimate resolution....FREEDOM FOR ALL!

With utmost admiration and love,

Anthony Cinelli

02-17-2008, 04:57 PM
Keep Bumping! Please!

02-17-2008, 07:36 PM
Proservative = Oxymoron. One can either move progressively away from the constitution or conserve the intentions of the constitution.

It also sounds funny.

02-17-2008, 08:02 PM
Dr. Paul has already expressed his opinion in no uncertain terms regarding a third-party run.

Please respect it. We do not need people here attempting to split the grassroots base up.