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02-17-2008, 11:12 AM
Hello from Radio Land!

This Sunday, February 17, from 2-4pm Central time, VoteRescue Radio will be focusing on a New Hampshire recount update and we are proud to announce we will have as our guest ALBERT HOWARD, the Republican Presidential candidate who is responsible for filing and paying for the statewide recount which just completed there last Monday the 11th. On New Hampshire Primary Election Day, January 8th, Albert watched his totals go FROM 178 votes DOWN to 44 votes; this began his commitment to find the truth of what really happened on Election Day.

We will also be talking with BOB SCHULZ, founder of We the People Foundation and instigator of the 50 state NCEL (National Clean Election Lawsuit) which was filed against every Secretary of State or Board of Elections in the nation for allowing electronic voting machines to be used, counter to the Constitution; Bob spent considerable time at the recount and gathered relevant data comparing final results of ballots that had originally been counted by hand to those counted by Diebold optical scan counters; he is about to complete this report and will share them during the show.

WALTER REDDY, founder of Liberty Broadcast Network, (an election results reporting website and source for election affidavits) who was present in New Hampshire both on January 8th for the Primary, and for the entire Republican recount; Walter played various roles there, from citizen videographer; to observor of the actual counting, to providing moral support and assistance to Albert; to following/chasing the van and police car driven by "Butch and Hoppy" which retrieved the boxes of ballots from the various towns and brought them back to the State Archive Building in Concord to be counted. He and Massachusetts election reform activist Carolyn Sharpe (another dedicated volunteer who helped organize the recount observors and who videotaped events there) were present on Friday to film Albert Howard filing the Appeal with Secretary of State William Gardner

We'll also be talking to ABBE WALDMAN DELOZIER, Co-Editor with Vickie Karp of "HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America", Board Member of Election Defense Alliance (EDA) and PR Director for Coalition for Visible Ballots, and SALLY CASTLEMAN , co-founder and National Chair of EDA , both of whom, along with Vickie, co-authored the Petition for Appeal of the recount (with assistance from Nancy Tobi, Jonathan Simon, Bev Harris, and others) which was filed this past Friday, February 15th, with 30 minutes to spare from the 5pm Eastern deadline.

The New Hampshire recount has been a dramatic and critical piece of evidence gathering on chain of custody issues, well-documented by BEV HARRIS of Black Box Voting and others; the challenge to this recount will allow more time for yet more evidence to be discovered and publicized.

Other primary election updates and evidence gathering in Florida and around the country will be covered!

The show can be heard on the radio in the Austin area at 90.1 FM; is streaming live on www.wtprn.com (for "We the People Radio Network"), AND, can be heard OVER THE PHONE at 512/485-9010!

This is a CALL-IN show The call-in numbers are: 1-888-202-1984, and in the Austin area, or if you have unlimited long distance, the number is 512-646-1984. Not sure how many calls we'll be able to take on this show with all the interviews, but we'll do our best!

Hope to "see" and hear you "On the Air" on Sunday!

WE ARE WINNING--because of citizens like YOU!!

With thanks for your support,

Vickie and Karen

02-17-2008, 11:14 AM
Republican Presidential Candidate Albert Howard Appeals New Hampshire Recount
Albert Howard, the Republican Presidential candidate who ordered a statewide recount in New Hampshire which completed Monday, February 11th, filed an appeal to that recount with Secretary of State Bill Gardner's office this past Friday, the 15th.
Albert was inspired to call for a recount when, on Primary night in New Hampshire, January 8th, he watched his vote total go from 178 DOWN to 44.

Through the donations of many interested voters and election reform activists, he was able to raise the $55,000 necessary to pay for a statewide recount of New Hampshire's 100% paper ballots. The problem is, 81% of those paper ballots were counted by Diebold optical scan counters.

Video link to the filing of the document:
GOP candidate Albert Howard files records requests and recount appeal with NH Ballot Law Commission
After spending several days in New Hampshire trying to find an attorney to help with this effort, we were unsuccessful, so we just wrote it ourselves, with edits from Democracy for New Hampshire's Nancy Tobi, help from Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, suggestions from EDA' Jonathan Simon, and of course from Albert Howard himself. The primary authors were Abbe Waldman DeLozier, the PR Director of the Coalition for Visible Ballots; Sally Castleman, National Chair of the Election Defense Alliance (EDA) and myself, Vickie Karp, National Chair of the Coalition for Visible Ballots, and PR Director, VoteRescue.

The first level of appeal in New Hampshire is with the "Ballot Law Commission", which usually deals with matters of contested ballots It is unlikely that they will actually hold a hearing based on the many violations of chain of custody and election law that were observed during the recount process and noted in the Petition of Appeal document. Albert is determined to get a full hearing either at this Commission, or at a federal court. He is one of the most committed patriots I've ever met.

The actual recounting of the ballots is done in a very transparent manner with citizen monitors, observors and videographers allowed in the room to closely watch the process.

The chain of custody of the ballots on their journey from the towns and cities of New Hampshire back to the State Archive Building where the counting took place, however, left a lot to be desired, as did the condition of the boxes in which they came in, and the easily-removable "seals" which were supposed to make the boxes "tamper-proof" . See www.blackboxvoting.org and YouTube for videos about the "Shame of Custody".

While a full analysis of the numbers resulting from the recount is not yet completed, the official recount numbers reduced Albert's vote totals by one vote . Other more significant anomalies from the recount that are being examined are consistentlly higher discrepancies between ballots that were counted by machines versus those counted by hand. VoteRescue Radio's show on Sunday, February 17th, 2-4pm CST will feature Bob Schulz who may have his analysis of the numbers ready to discuss. The show can be heard online at www.wtprn.com; click "listen live", or by phone at 512/485-9010. Other guests on the show will be Albert Howard; Walter Reddy; Sally Castleman and Abbe DeLozier; and Bev Harris.

Many wonderful election reform activists and concerned citizens from all around the country came to New Hampshire to help monitor this recount. A partial list of those I knew or met while there: Bev Harris, Susan Pynchon, Paddy Shaffer, Sally Castleman, Jeannie Dean, Walter Reddy, Bob Schulz, Carolyn Sharpe, Bob Dwyer. Others who worked from behind the scenes to assist were Abbe Waldman DeLozier, Nancy Tobi, Jonathan Simon.

The link to the entire Petition for Appeal document is attached below. The Exhibits are not included here, but hope to have them available for distribution soon. The writing effort was a beautiful collaboration that came together in a miraculous way despite hours of exhaustion and incredulity that it could actually come together in time. But it did, in time for Sally Castleman, Walter Reddy, and Carolyn Sharpe to accompany Albert to Secretary of State Bill Gardner's office Friday, the 15th, to file the document with a full 30 minutes left before the deadline!

Truly a memorable experience, helping monitor in New Hampshire! And the search for the truth there continues.

Please consider sending a donation to Albert through his website, www.alberthoward.org.

Vickie Karp, National Chair, Coalition for Visible Ballots

PR Director, VoteRescue