View Full Version : Huge chance to show censorship to the masses

dan new zealand
02-16-2008, 12:55 AM
Hi there,

Check out these videos and RATE THEM 5 STARS, FAVOURITE THEM, COMMENT ON THEM! Push them up the charts!

Censorship of Ron Paul, part 1

and part 2:

Because Ted is doing a good job of showing the censorship of Dr Paul, in a professional manner. I'm just hoping that he keeps collecting this info, and makes more videos in this series. This info will get out, and when his videos reach a lot of people, MSM will think twice before censoring Ron Paul...they won't want to be paraded on his next video.

This has been needed for a long time, well done Ted. This kind of video will open some new eyes for sure. So his vids aren't totallyprofessional, the green screen is dodgy...but he's DOING SOMETHING! lets help him out! Awesome, now go watch and fave, comment and five star!

happy times =)