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02-15-2008, 01:58 PM
For those interested in encouraging Dr. Paul to run third party, http://www.ronpaulrising.com/ has a petition set up. Before this thread gets a lot of angry responses, I know what he said. I also realize a third party/independent run is very unlikely. However, I still believe such a run would be the best thing to keep an energetic message alive, so it doesn't hurt to ask via online petition. Additionally, I believe the state of the country will continue to deteriorate over the next year. Perhaps so dramatically in a few months that even Ron Paul will re-consider his decision to steer away from a non-Republican run. And if he does, we need to let him know the support is there.

From the site:

What is Version 3.0?

Revolution Version 3.0 is a grassroots effort to encourage Dr. Ron Paul to run as third-party candidate at the point when it becomes mathematically impossible for him to win enough delegates to win the GOP nomination. As the so-called frontrunners in both parties mount vigorous opposition and close in on the nominations, we must affirm that our support for Ron Paul and the ideas he has introduced into this election cycle will not fade from the political landscape. Now is the time to unite to build an unstoppable movement that defies party lines and shakes the foundations of the mainstream political dialogue. We intend to encourage the movement to break the constraints of the two-party system and nominate Dr. Paul to mount a third-party challenge.

02-17-2008, 08:10 PM
Even if Ron Paul accepts a third party nomination, there's still ballot access issues. This website, Write In Ron Paul, (http://www.write-in-ron-paul.com/) needs help getting state regulations on voting write-in. I'm sure most are pretty simple, but we need to make sure