View Full Version : Filtering Media Whores from Google News

02-13-2008, 06:49 PM
There may be some value in knowing what bilge Fox News or The New York Times is foisting off onto our fellow citizens. But I don't see any point in wading through the nauseating crap that passes for "news" and/or "satire" when you search for "Ron Paul" in Google News.

Well I can't help you with ALL of the sites, but you can avoid some of the most repulsive repeat offenders like Wonkette. Just type in Ron Paul (in quotes) and then the name of some obnoxious blogger with a minus sign in front of it. For example, "-Wonkette". Now press search and notice how her articles no longer clutter up your search results? Isn't it wonderful? (You can also repeat the process for any number of other offending sites.) Now to keep from having to honor her by remembering to type her handle into your query box each time, simply left click the icon and drag it onto your Bookmarks (or Links) tool bar. Now right click the resulting button, select properties, and rename the link to something more succinct like "RP News" or "Take that Media Slut" and click OK. There wasn't that fun? Now you will never again be bothered by her juvenile rants or be tempted to read the comments posted by her brain dead buddies as they yuck it up about how clever and funny they are for calling people "Paultards". Now don't you wish you could do that for everyone's browser and drop HER down the memory hole?

Brent Canada
02-13-2008, 10:37 PM
Or another option is to just stab your eyes with forks. As being blind is more appealing than having to read any of the moronic pseudo wit on Wonkette.

"Lolz Paultard. Lolz They all play WOW. LOlz we're cool because we BLOG!"