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02-13-2008, 12:51 PM
Well, maybe not. But it's pretty close. It's faster than going door to door. And it's cheaper than mailing. It's . . .

Phone Canvassing!

Yes people, it's really effective. If you do it the right way - i.e., not the way they tell you to do it on the official site.

I tried doing the Non Advocacy poll last Saturday, and I got hung up on six times in a row, and then when one person finally took the survey, she turned out to be a Democrat. :( But then I remembered a couple of the members on here recommending telling people up front that you're volunteering for Ron Paul, and saying that you're a neighbor of theirs. I PM'd an old hand on here, and he said the same thing, so I tried it - yesterday evening (between 5 and 8 p.m. is the best time to call during weekdays, I think); using the following as a script:

Hello, is this Mr/Mrs. Surname?

I'm Mark Keller, a neighbor of yours from over on County C, and I'm calling all the people in our precinct to remind them that our presidential primary is on the 19th. And I'm wondering if you've considered Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul?

And it works wonders! I called 19 people, and only got hung up on twice! One couple said that they were voting for Ron Paul, and just about everyone else said they'd consider it (I even nearly converted a Democratic Quaker!).

(On second thought, it might be better to tell them the date of the primary after you find out if they're considering Ron Paul, so that you don't encourage any McCainers to vote. ;) )

If they sound interested, I then ask them if they want any more info. For people who know nothing about Ron Paul, I read the short description of him from his Issues page, and for everyone who wants more information, I either direct them to the website or ask for their address, so I can send them some slim-jims.

So folks, if your state hasn't voted yet, and you aren't a Precinct Leader yet, become one! That's an order! And then call people.

And: being shy is no excuse. I'm rather a shy guy myself, but I survived, and I'm planning on continuing until I've called everyone in my precinct. Also, doing it the neighborly way is much easier than doing the poll. If you survey your neighbors as recommended by HQ, they think of you as a telemarketer, and get mad and hang up. But if you come across as a friendly, sincere neighbor, they're almost all very friendly themselves (or at least they all were where I live, but then I live in a rural, mostly-senior community).

So . . . get started!

(and yes, this is cross-posted - but people need to know!)

02-13-2008, 01:12 PM
This sounds like a great strategy if you want to turn out votes for mccain. I would NOT remind people that the primary is on the 19th. People who don't know, won't vote for paul. period. U think you are converting, but you are not. believe me I worked phones b4 for Get Out The Vote.

The script should be MUCH simpler.

1) Have you heard of Doctor Ron Paul?

Answer 1: "No I haven't"
Reply: Thank you for your time... Click.

Answer 2: "yes i have, I like him, but i don't think he has a shot."
Reply: Well I encourage you to vote your conscious on feb 19th

NEVER begin a call for an insurgent candidate by reminding people of when/where to vote. NEVER NEVER NEVER. you are only boosting turnout and turnout works against us...got it? At this point other campaigns don't have the resources to mount big GOTV efforts. and the mccain/huck camps are unsure whether voter turnout helps or hurts. So they are prolly easing up on the robo dialers.


02-13-2008, 01:40 PM
Good idea . . . I'll change my script for tonight. But definitely identify yourself as a neighbor - makes people much friendlier!