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02-13-2008, 10:31 AM
Really BIG RON PAUL Signs

As of Feb 13, 2008, I still have nearly a half dozen uncommitted BIG (4' x 8') Ron Paul signs (1 sided) left that I do not have locations for. (I very recently "salvaged" these from the Chicago HQ).

Signs are FREE, but my placement requirements are:

1) You must be IN Wisconsin.

2) You must PROMISE that the sign will be erected before Feb 19 and stay up until Feb 19.

3) You will place the sign somewhere there is a decent amount of traffic OR near a polling place (but at least 500' away).

4) If you think you will have problems with the "sign police" then no dice.

5) They require a pickup truck or van (think 4x8 sheet of plywood... "flexier", but NOT exactly fold-able -- they COULD be "curved" to fit into the back of an empty mini-van).

6) I am in Elkhorn, WI and am willing to deliver to people within a not-too-distant driving radius (< 1 hour away) -- or meet you half-way up to about an hour away.

7) I have the small mounting stakes... not the best -- Ideally you will have fence-posts or other means of securing the sign.

8) Additionally, I have two dozen 2'x4' signs and some of the smaller ones as well that can be picked up from me (I can't afford time or gas to make separate delivery trips for those).

If you have a prominent place for such a sign -- then PM (private message) me here with details (phone number or email is best) -- the sooner the better.


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great idea !