View Full Version : A Tote Board Race Contest On Monday, Feb. 18th !!!

02-12-2008, 08:59 PM
I was told I should make this a new thread so here goes:

I propose a Race to be Held on Monday, February 18th, President's Day !!!

The contestants are:

The Official Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Contribution Tote Board


The Official Ron Paul for Congress Campaign Contribution Tote Board

The Winner of the Race will be determined by which Campaign Contribution Tote Board finishes with the highest change in percentage (%) of contributions over the 24 hour period. This period will begin at 12:00 AM EST on Monday and end at 12:00 P.M. EST on Monday evening.

The Starting Line will be the Contributions on Both Boards as of Midnight Sunday evening. The Finishing Line will be the final totals reached at Midnight on Monday evening.

Figure out the Percentage Increase over that 24 hour timeperiod between the two competing Contribution Tote Boards and Viola!!! We have a Winner!!!!

Imagine Ron Paul MoneyBomb Supporters!!! A real race!!! Two Contribution Tote Boards to watch over a 24 hour period, on two Ron Paul Campaign Websites.

It has never happened before!!!

And RonPaulGraphs.com could help by creating their famous graphs charting the Minute by Minute Race between the two competing Boards!!!

Its a WIN WIN Contest!!! We help Ron Paul with both of his vital Campaigns at once. And the Ron Paul Grassroots have a choice, to back one horse or the other or most importantly, BOTH Campaigns with contributions!!

This contest would make the President's Day MoneyBomb one for the record books, a first time contest, a real race!!!

I know this is short notice, but the idea just came to me.

What do you think, is this doable??? Can we improve on this proposal!!!

Ron Paul Forum Members what do you think??? Senior Members give us your advice and wisdom.....