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02-11-2008, 09:50 PM
Calling all Paul Revere's

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

What brought us all to the Ron Paul Revolution...?

For myself it was seeing the truth about Americas monetary system. This was the quintessential eye opener for me.

America Freedom to Fascism

These powerful DVD's can do the job in winning over the most entrenched people, where no amount of campaign rhetoric could.

The core supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution know the abuses of the monetary system, but most of the public does not.

In the current state of affairs we're surrounded by fudged polls and Liebolds on the left, and blackouts to the right. Were stomping around in the mud as far as winning the public opinion is concerned.


We have a chance of winning a brokered election, and it looks better and better every day. We need to do more than just become delegates.

Long term, we have to win over the public to get the popular vote in the end, and we need to come up with a systematic strategy to do it. Truth is the most valuable weapon we have, and were not going to get any help from Mainstream Media.

How can we develop a way to get the truth out to the majority of Americans in the next 6 months. Were going to need a systematic way to do it, and it has to go viral just like the videos have on the net. We need to target people outside the internet. When the truth is in the hands of enough Americans it won't matter if RP wins or not. People will not stand for the abuses any longer, they would demand sound money, investigations etc.

We have to organize and get the truth out on a massive scale.... The truth about the monetary system....for starters.

We need to revive the movement Arron Russo started on a massive scale.

02-11-2008, 10:28 PM
TRUTH BOMB PROJECT - reach out to 100 millon people

By spreading the truth videos we can gain RP core supporters exponentially.
This needs to be layered, and a consensus reached on which film ranks best.

(open to suggestion help etc)

1) A website to track progress - number of DVD's given out, or number of people who attending public viewings.
(this encourages volunteers to keep going, when they see how many people have seen the information)

2) outreach education project, not part of the official campaign.

3) Choose a film to show - suggestions freedom to fascism or money masters

4) Multi pronged approach of dvd handouts and public viewings.

5) Revolutionaries link together as volenteers at the local level and organize public viewings in libraries grab more members get donations for larger public viewings. organize viewers to help spread the word with flyers, canvasing etc.

6) Target voters outside of the internet all age groups, races, religions.

02-13-2008, 07:37 PM
Colleges are good too.