View Full Version : Money bomb/National Caucus

02-11-2008, 02:19 PM
First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who is working so hard in their local communities to get the message of freedom to people and wake them up. We all know the ways that the mainstream media has hindered that effort, and it is very unfortunate how much they have abandoned their responsibilities to the American people. But I want to remind everyone that complaining about it does nothing to actually get things done or to stop it. I am reminded of the bumper sticker: "Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution!" The revolution has begun - let's get organized and make some good things happen...

I think everyone will agree that something big needs to happen now that a write in seems to be necessary in order to win.

I propose a "national caucus" tied to a money bomb. Here is how it would work:

We pick a day, say March 14th, and invite everyone who will write Dr. Paul's name in to donate $1.00. That's right, a single dollar. The donation total of everyone who participates in this would equal the amount of people who will be writing in Ron Paul's name come november. It has the added bonus of actually contribution something to the campaign fund as well.

No one should donate more than one dollar for this effort to work. If they want to give more than that, they would need to log in again a second time and simply pledge a new dollar amount. But the count of all people giving one dollar is what we are concerned about. We then ask the national campaign to publish the figure on ronpaul2008.com and flood all the forums, post myspace bullitens, AND send emails to Jay Leno and others asking them to invite Dr. Paul on the show to broadcast the results. This effectively quashes any claims of "unelectability".

I think this could be a great way to show the country some accurate numbers about the amount of support Ron Paul has. Let us band together and give the people some data and the campaign some more money - maybe they could use that money to create a 30 second TV ad in all primary states left at that point and broadcast the results that way. None of this precludes the necessity of canvassing the streets and talking to everyone we can all the time. But, the point is, the sky is the limit. We are the revolution, we are the campaign, we are THE PEOPLE. Let's act like it.