View Full Version : Promote the Constitutionmoneybomb.com

02-11-2008, 10:53 AM
I would like to ask every ron Paul supporter to promote the
constitutionmoneybomb.com website on
In the bottom of your emails
on this site as well
call in to Ron Paul Radio 877 646-2008
at the bottom of every online post
If you know a Ron Paul Website owner please ask them to post a banner or
link to constitutionmoneybomb.com
If you are in contact with Trevor Lyman, ask him to send out an email, asking everyone to promote this money bomb
When you call into radio shows, don't forget to mention the constitutionmoneybomb.com webiste and money bomb
once we reach critical mass this will go viral and the bandwagon effect will happen

We will all be thankful for the efforts,