View Full Version : Please help me campaign for Ron Paul

02-10-2008, 05:34 PM
I am an expatriated American citizen living in Ontario, Canada. Ron Paul's message has my full support, and I have told everybody I know about him.

But the fact is, I am helpless to really do anything to help Ron in his campaign as long as I am residing in a foreign country. I would love to be a Precinct Leader and also want to do door-to-door canvassing, but of course there is not much point doing it up here in Canada

Now, I remember hearing something about volunteers for the Ron Paul campaign moving temporarily to states the campaign wanted to focus on. According to the story I read, the campaign paid for their room and board, so all they had to do was get themselves to the location.

I would be more than willing to pay for a bus ticket as well as my own food if I could find somewhere to stay in a state with a still-distant primary. I have quit my job and don't have a lot of extra cash so I can't really afford to stay at a hotel.

I can't find anything about volunteering in this way on RP's website, so does anyone else know if the campaign is still offering this?

Even if the campaign no longer is doing this, is it possible that I could find other RP supporters that could put me up temporarily for a few weeks before the primary?

After Super Tuesday I knew the campaign needed more help spreading the word. If every American understood Ron Paul's message, he WOULD be our next president. But the powers that be are putting up one hell of a fight by using their complete control of the national media to censor him, la Soviet Russia. It is clear to me that every American that does understand Ron Paul has a duty to make a stand, right here and right now, to oppose this abominable force of oppression, or must risk losing everything that makes them proud to be American.