View Full Version : I Pleadge xyz Days Not to Watch MSMxyz

02-10-2008, 01:42 AM
Just noticed this section of the forum...in another post I suggested the below site idea for anyone that is good at site development. Right now I just have limited knowledge of development (static pages) otherwise I would take on the task. If you think the below is a good idea and can develop, please go for it. If not, I will keep it in my head until I further my knowledge on interactive site development.

Media Pledge Site
For those that create web pages, purchase and use the open domain name "msmpledge.com" where each person can pledge x amount of days/years/etc... that he/she will not watch each specific network and the reason why. It can grow beyond a stale site with some good minds behind it. Do not use it to try and change the media – use it to show them how many are no longer within their flock.

I have many ideas to add to the above as far as interactivity and functionality and of course the site name could be anything else. If you are interested, run with it or we can discuss all of the ideas or brainstorm it further. If not, I will try and work on it at a later date.